9 Techniques to Write a Personalized Email that surely gets a Response

As you walk past a store, you find your name written on a Coke bottle… Before you know, you have purchased it, just for the thrill of holding a drink with your name on it! You open Amazon, and see a bunch of your favorite gadgets recommended to you in the home screen, screaming to click on buy! You resist the urge this time. You log in to Facebook and notice ad recommendations of best flight deals to your beloved…

Sales Prospecting

A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Sales Prospecting (includes Techniques, Tips and Tools)

The foundational root of all success in sales is a fanatical focus on prospecting. -Jeb Blount, Author of Fanatical Prospecting. Do you ever wonder how successful sales reps always seem to be talking to prospects and closing more deals, raking in commissions, bonuses, and prizes? They prospect, prospect, and prospect. They prospect like there is no tomorrow. They make sales…

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