18 Hubspot Integrations to Supercharge Outbound and Inbound Lead Generation

541 That’s the number of applications that currently have an Integration with Hubspot CRM. Speaking of which, Hubspot users, you love your CRM right? Its clean dashboard, real-time updates on contact records, 500+ strong suite of neat integrations and the fact that it’s FREE- make it a must-have for every Sales team. In fact, it’s this suite of neat integrations that causes you an overdose of choice when it comes to adding additional layers of applications for your lead generation.…

6 Klenty features to boost email deliverability

6 Klenty Features You Can Use to Boost your Email Deliverability

At Klenty, we recognize the importance of email deliverability. That’s why we constantly work on different ways to improve deliverability when you connect your email account with Klenty. Connecting your email account with Klenty by itself provides superior deliverability with highly targeted emails as compared to email marketing tools. This is because email marketing tools use their own servers to…

How to build a SDR team?

How To Setup an Effective Sales Development Representative (SDR) Team

Every sales team is responsible for closing deals and generating revenue. However, salespeople often find themselves performing tasks such as taking care of prospecting, lead qualification and other tasks which prevent them from focusing on selling. The result? A vicious cycle, where salespeople attempting to juggle prospecting and closing, are forever chasing 2 rabbits at once. This leads to Lesser…



[Revised and Updated for November 2018]
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