17 Best Zoho CRM Integrations to Power Your Lead Generation

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Zoho CRM is a powerful tool to manage your leads. However, to generate leads or to perform sales outreach, a CRM alone might not be enough. 

You need to integrate Zoho CRM with other tools to build a robust sales and marketing ecosystem for your business.

Here is an interesting analogy – 

Think of your CRM as the titular lead of your movie. But it doesn’t mean you go on shooting the entire film with a single character. You need the help of a supporting cast to render a wholesome experience.

Thankfully, with Zoho, you have the option to pick from 500+ plug and play integrations available in its Marketplace. Now, this is both good news and bad news. 

The good news is – 

As a business, you are spoilt for choices. You have tons of opportunities to achieve your sales targets with these integrations. 

And the bad news is – 

Choosing the right integration from this sea of available options is daunting. 

So we decided to make your life easier by taking you through some of the top names in the Zoho Marketplace to power your lead-gen process. Read on.

Zoho CRM Integrations for Outbound Lead Generation

To the uninitiated, outbound lead generation is the process of proactively identifying and reaching out to potential buyers within a target segment. While this is a vital activity for early-stage startups, it is equally important for businesses at any stage of their life cycle. 

Such proactive measures will not only help your target audience learn more about your brand but also induce some trust along the way. A typical outbound lead generation process involves three stages – list building, outreach, and qualification. 

List Building Tools

A list-building tool enables you to build a customer database with all the data you need to understand them better.  Some tools even capture the details of visitors who came and left your website without leaving a trace.

When you are using Zoho CRM, you get to integrate with the following list-building tools – 

1. Leadfeeder

Ranked #1 for data quality in both Capterra and G2, Leadfeeder is a powerful B2B list-building tool that delivers detailed information about website visitors, the pages they visited, and the duration they stayed on your website. It also helps in segmenting visitors based on country, company size, industry, and more. By integrating Leadfeeder with Zoho, your customer’s sales life cycle can be shortened to three simple steps – 

  1. Identify the company that paid a visit to you in Leadfeeder
  2. Qualify them in the Zoho CRM 
  3. Finally, target them to close the sale.

Here are some of the other useful features that you can enjoy through the synergy of Leadfeeder and Zoho  –  Auto-importing prospects from CSV files OR Google Sheets

Demo image for Leadfeeder

Check out Leadfeeder’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

2. LinkPort

LinkPort is a free chrome extension that operates as an intelligent LinkedIn-to-Zoho contact importer. Through LinkPort, you can effortlessly populate a prospect’s LinkedIn details such as name, email, phone number, organization, etc., right into your Zoho CRM. 

Once you connect LinkPort with Zoho, you no longer have to pay a visit to LinkedIn to find important information about a lead. You can avoid copy pasting data from LinkedIn to your CRM. With LinkPort, you save at least 2 hours every day when you connect LinkPort with Zoho CRM.

Here’s what the LinkPort-Zoho CRM integration does for you – 

3.LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Like Leadfeeder, LinkedIn Sales Navigator simplifies the process of finding new connections and leads. You can tap into LinkedIn’s mammoth 700M+ member network to find and build relationships with prospects. With this tool, your sales prospecting becomes easier and effective as it eliminates the need for ice-cold calls.
When you integrate Zoho CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can see a prospect’s key information (available on LinkedIn) right inside Zoho. No more shifting of tabs between LinkedIn and your CRM to collect user information. You can even push your leads from Zoho CRM to Sales Navigator and send them InMails even if they aren’t a 1st level connection.
Here’s what you can do when you link LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Zoho CRM –

  • View LinkedIn insights, profile, and company records on Zoho CRM
  • Seamlessly sync the contacts in Zoho with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Engage contacts with personalized outreach through InMails

Demo image for sales navigatorCheck out LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

4. Aeroleads

Aeroleads presents a perfect avenue to find prospects for businesses of all sizes. It offers enterprises a quick way to generate leads and find out crucial contact information like email addresses and phone numbers. In summary, you get all the important info that is missing in your Zoho CRM through this powerful integration.  

The Aeroleads-Zoho CRM integration can – 

Demo image for Aeroleads

Check out Aeroport’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

Sales Engagement Tools 

Sales engagement tools empower sales reps to engage actively with prospects through personalized outreach. Acting as a communication layer using multiple channels on top of the CRM, these platforms execute sales outreach at scale and help in booking more meetings.

5. Klenty

Klenty is the only Sales Engagement Platform with a deep Zoho CRM integration. Klenty works in tandem with Zoho and helps the sales team engage more prospects through personalized emails, calls, and LinkedIn outreach making your reps 250% more productive in their day-to-day activities and book 3X more meetings.  Klenty’s integration with Zoho CRM lets reps automate Zoho workflows like 

As a result of these workflow automations, you save 15+ hours for your reps every week.

With the Klenty-Zoho CRM integration, your reps can

Demo image for klenty

Outbound Calling

Outbound calling tools streamline the calling process and help businesses get more out of their routine outbound calls. By integrating such tools with Zoho, companies can automatically log, review, and manage call data from inside the CRM.

Listed below are the top outbound calling tools that have Zoho CRM integrations –

6. Ring.io

Ring.io is a powerful dialer platform made to blend well with CRMs like Zoho. It makes the sales team more productive thanks to advanced features like click-to-call and power dialing mode. It enables the team members to spend less time dialing and more time selling. Through the integration of Ring.io with Zoho CRM, the sales team can dial and call a prospect directly from the latter. Even better, all calls are automatically logged, recorded, and routed to provide a smooth experience for the sales team.The combination of Ring.io and Zoho CRM can – 

Check out Ring.io’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

7. Toky

Toky is a fully-featured telephony system, which, when integrated with Zoho CRM, automatically logs outbound calls, records them, and offers a click-to-call functionality inside it. With Toky tightly wound with Zoho, you will no longer waste time manually logging calls and SMS. This powerful integration also lets your outbound calling team close more deals and achieve excellent customer satisfaction in parallel.Toky and Zoho CRM together can let you –

demo image for toky

Check out Toky’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

8. Twilio

Twilio is a cloud communication platform that helps businesses to engage with their prospects across channels like VOIP, SMS, video, Whatsapp, and more. Twilio also lets developers programmatically make and receive calls, text messages, and other communications using its web service APIs. Additionally, Twilio’s hosted PBX system integrated with Zoho CRM enables you to seamlessly organize your incoming and outgoing calls, all within Zoho CRM.Through the integration of Twilio and Zoho CRM, you can – 

Check out Twilio’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

9. CallHippo

CallHippo is a handy virtual phone system which when integrated with Zoho CRM allows sales teams to manage calls directly from the CRM interface in a click. Some useful functionalities like Power Dialer and Automatic call distributions greatly assist the sales team to have more effective conversations with the customers. The automated features of CallHippo eliminate any sort of manual data entry process. This saves time for the sales reps and improves the overall productivity of the organization.With the combination of CallHippo and Zoho CRM, you can

Check out Callhipo’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

Zoho CRM Integrations for Inbound Lead Generation

Running an inbound lead generation process alongside the outbound lead generation process is crucial for accelerating your sales. Inbound lead generation involves the creation of useful content that can draw more visitors to your website and convert them into leads. 

As a first step, you make your brand more discoverable in search engines and social media. In return for your useful content, you will get the visitor’s contact information that ensures that communication is not interrupted between your business and the customers. 

Inbound lead generation can be divided into three broad steps – lead capture, lead nurture and qualify.

Lead Capture

Inbound lead capture tools extract lead details using elements like demo request forms, custom landing pages, and personalized newsletters. These tools turn ideal traffic into leads by prompting visitors to fill in their information using visually rich personalized content. 

Here are four powerful lead capture tools available as Zoho CRM integrations –

10. Involve.me

Involve.me is a user-engagement platform where businesses can create forms, landing pages, payment forms, and more. Through rich interactive content, Involve.me improves user experience on the website and, in return, collects helpful customer data. It sends leads in real-time to your Zoho CRM. Here are the benefits of using Involve.me when you are a Zoho CRM customer – 

Check out Involve.me’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

11. Gravity forms

While forms on Zoho CRM are pretty sleek, Gravity forms offer more customization options within your form. It offers an easy way to connect WordPress forms with Zoho CRM and analyze them to segment contact lists effectively.  With the Gravity forms Zoho integration, you can – 

Check out Gravity Form’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

12. Typeform

Typeform is a super-intuitive lead capture tool that connects smoothly with Zoho CRM to transfer data from responses. It uses interactive elements like quizzes and surveys to encourage users to sign up or submit their information in the form.By integrating Typeform with Zoho, you can – 

Check out Typeform’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

13. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a renowned surveying tool that helps capture leads and convert them into Zoho contacts instantly. Businesses can collect and analyze survey data and key insights right from their Zoho dashboard when they have opted for SurveyMonkey integration.The combination of Survey Monkey and Zoho CRM can

Check out SurveyMonkey’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

Lead Nurture

It is the process of nurturing acquired leads slowly yet steadily to turn them into paying customers. This is where email marketing and personalized campaigns come into play. Connecting tools that are well-equipped to handle campaigns from your Zoho CRM will help you nurture leads faster.

Listed below are four lead nurturing tools that are also popular Zoho CRM integrations-

14. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform that helps automate email marketing, sync users, nurture leads, and boost campaign efficiency. Through the synchronization of all campaign activities with Zoho CRM, you can align marketing and sales activities for better results. The association of ActiveCampaign and Zoho CRM can help by – 

Check out ActiveCampaign’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

15. Outgrow

Outgrow provides marketers what they need to get started in the lead nurturing process. It helps in creating your own personalized content like quizzes, assessments, forms, surveys, and more to nurture and convert leads. Its ability to provide more than one asset to clients based on their segment makes the lead nurturing aspect quite intuitive. The combination of Outgrow and Zoho CRM can help you by – 

Check out Outgrow’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

16. MailChimp

MailChimp is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that helps convert subscribers into leads while offering 360-degree visibility of marketing activities. Integrating it with Zoho CRM will not only provide an unhindered view of your sales pipeline but also help nurture leads with a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t. MailChimp’s integration with Zoho CRM can help in – 

Check out MailChimp’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

17. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is Zoho’s very own email automation platform that helps run multi-channel social campaigns and drive lead nurturing. Its seamless integration with Zoho CRM enables businesses to deliver the right message to the right set of leads at the right time. When you add Zoho Campaigns to your Zoho CRM, you can

Check out ZohoCampaign’s integration in Zoho Marketplace

Wrapping Up

When it comes to lead generation, both outbound and inbound processes are equally significant for your sales team to flourish. Without them, it will be hard to set up and build a sales pipeline that can help scale your business. With the above information, you must be able to pick the right tools that fit your needs and build a perfect lead gen stack with your Zoho CRM.

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