5 Moods After a Cold Call

We have emails to thank for reducing the number of cold calls, but that doesn’t mean cold calling is dead.

That only means that when an SDR picks up the phone to cold call a prospect, it’s all the more critical that they nail it.

And that’s what makes cold calling such an emotional experience for SDRs — the combination of the pressure, the stress, and the fact that a stranger is going to pick up that phone and ask why you bothered them on a Wednesday. This isn’t to mention the rush of feeling afterward — some of them positive, some of them negative.

So we’ve broken it down for you to enjoy and learn from because there’s something to take away from that post-cold call emotional rush. Here are the five moods and five lessons after a cold call.

1. Rejection

Sometimes you catch people on a bad day and a bad time. It’s your job to reach out to them, but it can be hard to rationalize this when someone has been yelling at you for the last five minutes. Even when you stopped listening at least three minutes ago.

Rejection is the worst part of cold calls. It’s what holds you back from making the call. It affects your mood and the rest of your day. You did your bit and tried to reach out to the prospect, but now you’re left feeling like it wasn’t worth it at all.

5 Moods After a Cold Call - Rejection

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s normal to be upset. What’s not normal is when you think that it’s a rejection against you, the salesperson. And that’s where professional detachment comes in. Once you’re able to distance yourself, the person, from the job, the selling, rejection becomes easier to handle. And if you find it difficult to do that, read this article.

2. Numb

After hour #3 of cold calling, it can get mechanical. You know the prospect’s details, and the cold calling script falls off your tongue with ease. You’ve reached what you think is the zen mode of cold calling — where both the positives and negatives roll off your back as you crunch down that call list.

5 Moods After a Cold Call - Numb

While it’s good that you’re able to distance yourself from the cold calling, that doesn’t mean that you just follow the script and call it a day. Cold calls are a great chance to establish yourself in the prospect’s mind as a reliable and trustworthy person. And being present means you will be able to detect verbal and non-verbal cues about their pain points and needs.

To know more, check out this article.

3. Complaining

While it’s hard to slam down the phone, you can click the call reject button very dramatically. And you’re justified for it too — it’s been a long day, and calling a stranger is difficult, okay? People have bad days, but so do you! Why do they get a pass and you need to keep grinning and bearing it? Why can’t you get to say what you want to say too?

5 Moods After a Cold Call - Complaining

Well, technically, it’s your job to stay smiling. But we understand the frustration. Between the complaining though, give yourself a pat on the back — for even getting to the cold call to complain about it. And before you return to it, remember to shoot that follow-up email so that you stay on your prospect’s mind.

Check out this resource on how to write a follow-up after a cold call.

4. Relief

Cold calling is a rush of emotion, most of it dread and fear. Being constantly rejected by people is something you need to prepare yourself for, so imagine your surprise when someone actually picks up the phone and is interested in what you’re offering. They’re polite, give you a better time to speak at length, and hang up without the snide remark. You’re left staring at the caller because isn’t this a nice change of pace?

5 Moods After a Cold Call - Relief

Well, this is what you train so hard for, after all. Now don’t forget to shoot that follow-up email and show up for the meeting to build on this momentum. You’ve grabbed their attention — now do everything you can to keep it. After all, you don’t want to commit a common cold calling mistake.

5. Missing

Is this something after a cold call? No, this is before it. Namely, this is the person who doesn’t even make the cold call. This is the person staring at the call button and hoping that it does all the work itself — right from dialing to reading out the script. Some of the excuses are: the connection is bad, the timing is wrong, and my cat told me not to.

5 Moods After a Cold Call - Missing

We understand. Cold calling is an anxiety-ridden experience, and it’s hard to get yourself into the right mindset. But remember that you’ll only get the hang of it the more you cold call, both for the rejection and the call itself. If you’re still finding it difficult, read this article on cold calling preparation tips.

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