How to end an Email: With 40+ Best Email Sign-offs Examples

And that’s the way it is…See you on the radio.


If it’s Sunday. It’s Meet the Press.

Good night and Good Luck.

Famous anchormen have stood out from the ordinary ones by phrasing their own signature sign-off messages. Instead of the common ‘good night’, ‘goodbye’ & ‘thank you’; they used endings that created a positive impact or left a lasting impression or a sense of tranquility on the viewers and these signature sign-offs became their identity forever.

Like ordinary anchormen using common signs offs, are you a sales professional who has been using the most common email endings like ‘Best’, ‘Regards’, ‘Sincerely’ in your emails?

Nothing wrong with using them, but you are missing an opportunity to leave an impression on the reader of the email. Those email sign-offs are being used since the days of handwritten emails. We are speaking centuries back here…

Like the famous anchormen, many sales leaders have been using sign-offs effectively to leave an impression on the readers.

For eg; look at how Anthony Iannarino of The Sales Blog signs off on his emails to his readers with a motivational line,

Email Sign-offs

Or how Steli Efti finishes his emails like a pep talk,

Email Sign-offs examples

Your email sign-off should hold the integrity of the email content and ensure that it leaves the reader on a good note. It may be the last thing the recipient reads, but it can be the cherry on the top of a great message. So there is no harm in spending less than a minute to come up with some innovative and effective endings for your emails.

In this post, we will discuss the most effective ways to sign off your email with a flourish.

8 Effective Techniques to End Your Sales Email

Be Professional:

There may be times when you might want to use a professional sign-off. That’s okay. You can choose to go with the most common ones like Best Regards, Sincerely, Cheers, and more to end your email on a professional note.

These common sign-offs have attained this status of quotidian because they have proven to be highly successful over time. Also, considered as Business email sign offs, Boomerang’s research has shown that closing your emails with Best or Cheers or Best Regards has a response rate of more than 51%.

Action Oriented Email Sign-offs:

What is the main goal of a sales email that you send to your prospects?

A response?

Link click?

You want your prospects to take some sort of action!

And your sign-off can serve as a gentle reminder to nudge to perform the action without being a pest.

Complimentary Email Sign-offs:

Compliments are a beautiful thing. Studies have shown that compliments make people feel good. They activate the region of the brain called, Striatum; which is responsible for motivation and reward perception.

Giving a pat on the back when people deserve it can motivate them to perform better and encourage them to be at top of their game. Send your compliments when people do a good job. They will always remember that you noticed their good work.

Letting people know that you like them and their work will have a positive effect on them and that will help in building a long-lasting relationship. Give your compliments to people with whom you have enjoyed working.

Compliment people those that helped you inspired you or motivated you to achieve something different. Letting them know that you hold them in high regards will flatter them and make them feel good.

Sign off your emails with a compliment and let the prospects leave your email on a swell and on a happy note.

Anticipatory Email Sign-offs:

Anticipation is a great emotion to evoke in your readers. It makes people look forward to and focus on the possibility of good things to come.

Talking scientifically, when anticipation is in play, the human brain drinks more dopamine. A chemical that is responsible for causing excitement which can play to your advantage. Hence, signing off with a message that hints at something positive ahead can be a powerful way to end your email.

How do you make your prospects anticipate things?

No, you need not turn into Professor X to read their minds. A little research will help. They may be launching a new product, attending an event or conference or going on a vacation. You can make them anticipate good things from them. If nothing, you can refer to festive seasons or even a weekend.

Gratitude Sign-offs:

Showing gratitude goes a long way. This research says that expressing gratitude motivates prosocial behavior. It enables individuals to savor positive experiences and strengthen social relationships.

The simple gesture of thanking your prospects for something they did for you assures them that what they did for you did not go unnoticed. Being acknowledged will make them feel good and will have a positive effect on your relationship.

They would have attended a demo or contacted you to learn something or even rejected you after showing interest. Letting them know that you appreciate their time and you’ll always be there if they ever need you is an effective way to keep the door open for future possible conversations.

According to a study by Boomerang, emails closing with Thanks in Advance, Thanks, and Thank You have response rates of 65.7%, 63%, and 57.9% respectively.

Motivate/Cheer Email Sign-offs:

What is the one thing that anyone would want during both, good and bad times?


The fact that there is someone out there rooting for you no matter what gives you an incentive to work harder and to yield more fruitful results. Relationships between you and your prospect don’t have to be strictly business. You can let them know that you’re there by the sidelines cheering them on.

Finishing off your emails with a motivational line can easily turn their day around. Motivating others and helping them reach their goals can lead to a positive and enlightening experience for all involved.

Funny Email Sign-offs:

Sometimes it’s good to deviate from the norm – the norm being signing off with usual sign-offs like Thanks, Best, Regards, or others. Not saying these aren’t good, it’s just that it’d be more memorable if you get your creative juices flowing and sign off with expressive ones.

How to be creative?

A clever line or a famous line borrowed from pop culture should do the trick. Signing off with something that’s related to them is a bonus.

Say, for example, your prospect is a huge Star Trek buff, you can close your email with the iconic Spock quote…” Live Long and Prosper”.

Two reasons why a creative sign off is effective is; one, they’d appreciate it and two it makes your email distinctive – it sticks in their memory.

But these sign-offs may not appeal to every prospect. But using it with the right audience will have a positive impact on them.

Emojis, Picture, and GIFs:

You know what they say about a picture — it is worth a thousand words.

And that’s true!

You can also include a funny picture or an interesting one. Even a GIF or an emoticon would work. Just make sure that your pictures and emojis are appropriate and the GIFs aren’t too long.

Again…the idea of signing off with images, GIFs, or emojis may not appeal to every prospect. But using it with the right audience will have a positive impact on them.


Your email sign off should be the cherry on top of an awesome email message.

But there isn’t one particular sign off that is going to work for everyone. You have to pick your email endings depending on the impression that you want to leave on your prospects.

You can make them feel positive with a motivational sign-off or leave them with a smile by adding a touch of humor to the sign-off or ask them to simply remind to something with action-oriented sign-off.

But make sure to choose the best way to end your email with a flourish.


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