30 Best Sales Blogs To Raise Your Sales Game [Updated for 2022]

As an entrepreneur or a sales professional looking to stay on top of your sales game, you need to constantly stay aware of new tools, tips, and strategies that you can add to your sales playbook. Whether you are looking for strategic advice on how to think about your sales process or tactical advise on how to generate more leads, following the best sales blogs is a great way to keep your reading list full of great ideas and actionable tactics.

We have curated some of the best sales blogs which you need to follow – to learn from some of the best in the business.

Our Curated List of Best Sales Blogs for 2022

1. Sales Hacker Library

Saleshacker has fast emerged as a library (yes, really, library) on all things sales with content across blog posts, on-demand webinars, videos, e-books and more. There is valuable content covering a wide spectrum of topics from social selling, account based selling to customer success. If you want one source that can help you stay in touch with the best practices emerging in sales, this has got to be it.

2. Heinz Marketing: Daily B2B Sales & Marketing Insights Blog

Heinz Marketing is one of the most vibrant and active sales blogs out there regularly churning interesting and bite-sized content. Watch out for some of their regular features like “App of the Week” – featuring interesting new apps/ tools for salespeople and “How I Work” featuring sales interviews with professionals on how they approach/ structure their work.

3. Ambition Blog

Want to know the 50 best sales articles of the decade or how to incorporate elements of fantasy football into your sales strategy. Ambition helps you think outside the box – and find new ways to motivate your sales team using gamification and in the process also creates some extremely well-researched content – like this.

4. CloserIq Blog – Sales Strategies From the Trenches

Closeriq Blog is another prolific source of sales strategies and original content written by practitioners around the world. Whether you are looking at best practices to onboard your next sales rep or the latest Account Based Sales Development tactics, you can be sure to find relevant and contextual inputs here.

5. Openview Partners Sales Blog

They may not be producing content at the same prolific pace as some of the others on this list, but the Openview Partners Blog more than makes up for it by curating some of the most interesting posts and publishing some very high quality content that can help bring clarity to entrepreneurs as they try to navigate the emerging trends and best practices in sales. If you are in SAAS sales, then this one is a must follow.

6. Pipedrive Sales Blog

The folks over at Pipedrive keep their blog top notch with fresh articles and interesting takes on sales pipeline management, sales productivity and even throw in the occasional offbeat article such as the 2016 Sales Olympics: What Country Has The Best Salespeople?

If you are a small business that is scaling your sales team, this is a blog that you can learn from.

7.  Ramp – Insightsquared Blog

An insightful and data-driven blog with content spanning blog posts, podcasts, and infographics. If you believe in using the power of data and analytics to improve your sales game, then this is the place where you must start your day. While you are at it, add the podcast from Insightsquared to your iTunes/ podcast player. This one is a keeper. 

8. The Wall Street Journal

With more than three dozen Pulitzer Prizes to its credit, the Wall Street Journal remains one of the most credible and authoritative voices in business journalism worldwide. For sales professionals and entrepreneurs alike, the WSJ should be a staple of their media diet to keep up with the latest news and in-depth analyses on the economy, business, markets, tech and politics.

9. John Barrows Blog

Sales coach to industry giants such as Salesforce, Marketo, Box, Dropbox etc, follow Filling the Funnel blog by John Barrows for advice and guidance on how to become a better sales leader. John’s genuine passion for sales coaching and in guiding leaders towards using a principle-driven approach to sales comes through in his blog posts.

10. For Entrepreneurs – David Skok

For Entrepreneurs (ranked #2 by Forbes in the 100 best websites for Entrepreneurs) by David Skok of Matrix Partners, is full of thought-provoking posts aimed at entrepreneurs – to help you build a sales and marketing machine. The posts are highly strategic in nature and among other things helps you think through your positioning, metrics, marketing-sales alignment, etc. 

11. HubSpot Blog – Sales

The Undisputed King of Inbound Marketing and Sales Platform, HubSpot produces a large amount of content from a variety of bloggers which include some really prominent names in the industry. With the site boasting an impressive 560 on the Alexa Global Rank(as of 26/10/2017), the HubSpot Blog is arguably the central hub for all tips on sales, marketing, and so on.

12. Inside Sales Experts Blog

An excellent blog from The Bridge Group, the Inside Sales Experts Blog which helps in building and expanding one’s inside sales team, especially in tech companies. This blog provides tips about lead generation, inside sales productivity and provides metrics, trends, and best practices to help you along

13. Sales For Life Blog

Sales For Life is a niche sales blog which helps salespeople connect with the modern buyers by providing tips on how to engage prospects in a friendly, helpful and convenient way. They host exclusive webinars where they cover a variety of topics such as Social Selling, Sales Advice, Sales 2.0 and efficient sales automation techniques. These webinars feature speakers from various other platforms such as HubSpot, Inside Sales, CSO Insights, Sandler Training and more.

14. The Close.io Blog

The Close.io Blog, from their founder Steli Efti, delivers some high-quality content geared towards salespeople to help them in approaching a prospect, improving sales techniques and closing deals and so on.

15. Sales Pro Insider Blog

Sales Pro Insider covers a range of sales topics from how to have productive sales conversations to training your team to sell more, hiring sales stars to tips to decrease your cost of business. Run by Nancy Bleeke, who has years of sales experience under her belt, she gives solid advice in a straightforward and engaging manner.

16. Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies

The word ‘Fresh’ in Fresh Sales Strategies indicates Jill’s relentless search on how to crack new accounts in today’s ever-changing market. The eminent sales author has quite a huge following on LinkedIn with her newsletters raking in a large number of readers. This blog provides tips on increasing your sales, bringing in new businesses at a faster rate and dealing with complex sales. Jill adds an excellent personal touch to her posts by including real-life stories making it more relatable and conversational.

17. The Sales Blog – Anthony Iannarino

From bestselling author, reputed speaker and sale leader, Anthony S Iannarino The Sales Blog is a quintessential blog where he advises people, shares ideas, gives motivational wisdom and also asks questions to the readers. His blogs cover sales, value creation, leadership, and general success tips. He also posts sales tips and insights on a daily basis.

18. A Sales Guy – Jim Keenan

Jim Keenan is a prominent figure in the sales and marketing industry. A Sales Guy Blog is a must read for every sales guy. Jim Keenan knows his way around the social media and uses its power to sell more. The sales blog features a unique section called #HeyKeenan, where one can post questions and Jim answers them in the form of a video. Jim is known for his style of using ‘slang words’ such as sleazy, badass, etc in his blogs to make them fun and interesting apart from being informative.

19. Sandler Training Blog

David Sandler’s, Sandler Training Blog provides a wide array of consulting, coaching and programs in sales training, management, leadership and other related fields. Its steady supply of advice for every type of sales professional makes this blog a must follow one. The articles are optimized with a lot of examples so that readers have a good understanding on how to convert concepts/ideas into action.

20. Engagio’s ABM Blog

Engagio is a fairly new company which provides products for Account Based Marketing and Account Based Sales. Their blog, Account Based Marketing contains articles on thoughts and practices to help sales rep improve their ‘Account Based Game.’ So, if your marketing and sales strategies are account based, this blog is the place to go.

21. Salesgravy

Salesgravy was founded by the best-selling author, Jeb Blount.  The Salesgravy blog is a great source of learning for a wide range of topics from Career Advice to Sales Methodologies.

Jeb Blount, known for his extensive knowledge on Prospecting, has unsurprisingly made Salesgravy ‘the place to be’ for anything and everything when it comes to Sales Prospecting, with more than 200 articles written on that topic.

22. SalesFolk

The folks at Salesfolk do their part to help you become a better salesperson by churning out quality, refreshing content on sales, emails etc. with examples as well as videos.

If you want to improve your sales game and enjoy a casual, no BS tone of writing, then Salesfolk must absolutely feature in your reading list.

This sales blog has a unique section called ‘Hall of Shame’ that explains the things you should avoid in sales, by breaking down various real examples of bad approaches to the sales process.

23. Customercentric Blog

As we shift towards a buyer-centric environment, the traditional sales practices are evolving, with more and more emphasis placed on customers. As a sales rep, if you want to learn the best practices of sales focusing on customers, then Customercentric Blog is your place to be.

24. Marc Wayshak Blog

Marc Wayshak, the founder of Sales Strategy Academy, covers a wide range of topics in sales, in his blog.

This blog is particularly a great pick if you prefer watching videos to reading, as the majority of the posts contain videos that walk you through the topics in an interactive manner.

25. Smart Calling Blog

The Smart Calling Blog is a creation of Art Sobczak, author of the bestseller “Smart Calling.”

In this blog, Art shares his valuable knowledge from his years of experience in sales calls, making it a must-follow for someone who wants to learn how to excel at calling prospects.

Their posts are a great mix of information, inspiration and funny anecdotes here and there, giving a fresh flavor on the topics.

26. YourSalesMBA Blog

Compiled by Sales Trainer and creator of YourSalesMBA Training Program, Jeff Hoffman, YourSalesMBA blog is a rich source of the know how’s on various aspects of sales like prospecting, qualifying, social selling etc.

The tips shared by Jeff are relevant, practical and incredibly effective, to help you take your business to the next level.

27. Sales Source

Geoffrey James, renowned author, and consultant for many businesses, pens his thoughts on sales in his column, Sales Source at Inc.com.

The blog is a great source of learning on a variety of topics like sales emails, productivity, motivation etc.

If you are someone who looks for that daily dose of inspiration to kickstart your day, then this is an ideal blog to add to your feed.

28. SaaStr Blog

In 2012, Jason Lemkin, founder of Echosign, began writing about the process of turning his company into a $100M business, on Quora and a WordPress blog.

In a short span of time, Saastr has grown tremendously to become the largest community of founders, entrepreneurs and SaaS Executives.

Follow the SaaStr blog for insights on the latest industry trends, sales practises, motivations etc.

29. Datanyze Blog

The Datanyze blog is a great platform to gain valuable insights, tips and techniques to hone your sales skills. The articles featured are contributed by a number of professionals from across the web, offering you a diverse outlook on various topics in sales, marketing and career growth.

Whether you are new sales professional, looking to get an understanding of how things work or a veteran who wants to polish your knowledge by keeping yourself updated, this is a must-add to your reading list.

30. Topline Leadership

For any successful sales team, you need your sales reps to approach every prospect in great spirits.

That means, keeping them enthusiastic and committed all the time. Even on the days when they are not ‘feeling it’.

The Topline Leadership Blog is an almost exclusive collection of motivating reads, that will pump up your energy and make you feel like you can conquer any challenges.     

Did we miss any of your favorite sales blogs?

Let us know in the comments below and we will include them in our next update!


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