10 Mouth Watering Black Friday 2017 SaaS Deals for Sales & Marketing

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2018)

It’s that time of the year where businesses start putting out mouth-watering deals marking the official start of the Christmas shopping season.

With all these amazing deals popping around, and with less than a couple of days to pick, you are probably in over your head –  on which offers to not miss.

If you are in sales/ marketing/ lead generation, here is a list of the best Black Friday deals that you want to grab.

List of Black Friday Offers You Cannot Refuse


Klenty is a sales automation tool that helps B2B salespeople to Prospect, Outreach, Follow-up at Scale and thereby achieve higher Sales Process Productivity & increase sales/meeting conversions with reduced manual efforts.  

With Klenty, you can:

  • Search and build a list of prospects
  • Send personalized one-to-one cold emails
  • Set automated follow-ups at scale


Using Inapptics, you can understand actual user behavior with visual user flows, heat maps, crash replays and AI-powered pattern analysis.

Its other features include:

  • One-line Integration
  • AI-powered Insights
  • No Privacy Issues
  • Real-time in-app analytics


Poptin helps with improving your website’s conversion rate, creating engaging and mobile overlays. Using Poptin helps you convert more visitors into customers.

More features include:

  • User-friendly Drag & Drop Interface
  • Overlays and Widgets can be placed in any position
  • A/B Testing is Simple


NinjaOutreach is a blogger outreach software for digital marketers and small businesses interested in growing their presence online. It is a complete CRM, allowing for prospecting, relationship management, and analytics and reporting.

With NinjaOutreach, you can:

  • Find Influencers in your niche, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Easily Track All Contacts with Your Team
  • Organize your Clients and Campaigns
  • Personalize your Templates


ReferralMagic is a referral tracking service which turns users into referrers and helps SaaS businesses to create referral campaigns with the use of various rewarding options and scenarios. You can embed into your website to reach more customers and get the best results.

Advantages of using ReferralMagic:

  • Multiple Referral Campaigns
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Manage Reward Redeems


LeadWorx is an advanced web analytics and lead generation platform which helps you identify site visitors and curate qualified sales leads. It discovers new prospects and keeps a tab on/monitors existing prospects.

With LeadWorx, you can:

  • Discover Potential Leads
  • Gather Behavioural Insights
  • Share Access and Keep your Team up-to-date


SERPed is an all-in-one SEO Suite built for SEOs and Marketers. Ideal for Small and Medium Business, Bloggers, SEO & Marketing Agencies, and Independent Consultants.

SERPed.net features include:

  • 45+ advanced tools
  • Managing your site from one all-in-one dashboard
  • Real-Time Site Statistics
  • A Link Building Tool


ConvertFox is the ultimate growth stack for your business. From email to live-chat to marketing automation, a suite of products for marketing, sales, and customer success teams to build better relationships and close more deals.

It’s features include:

  • Live Chat
  • Email Marketing
  • User Analytics
  • Marketing Automation

Better Proposals

Better Proposals helps you create your proposals faster, makes them look more professional and gives you all the tools you need to win the job. Sending better proposals creates you a better business.

With Better Proposals, you can:

  • Design better proposals
  • Close Deals Faster
  • Follow Up at the Right Time


With 24sessions people can book your time, connect through live video-chat and leave a review. 24sessions is available as a white label SAAS and API solution.

With 24sessions, you can:

  • Schedule meetings automatically
  • Video Chat and Screensharing
  • Record and Review your Meetings

Any other great SaaS deal for sales and marketing that you were unable to refuse? Please share in the comments.