Klenty Pledges to Add More Women to its Workforce by 2023 #BreakTheBias


A year ago we pledged to reduce the challenges faced by women in the workplace by setting up an internal committee, and a year before that we started providing one paid leave monthly for people who menstruate.

March 8 is an important day to us, without a doubt. But we don’t throw balloons in the air or pass bouquets. We take action. We take a pledge.

Every year, we strive to make our workplace more inclusive for everyone who identifies as a woman.

Why do we do this?

We believe that standing by and empowering women shouldn’t be a once-a-year affair. And it definitely shouldn’t be confined to an office celebration with a speech or two. Here, it’s all year round.

Our attempts, however small, have always been to ensure that everyone in the workplace feels safe and empowered throughout the year.

Our promise

This year too, we are making a promise.

The founders and the leaders at Klenty have committed to the #pledgeforequality campaign — to ensure that by the end of 2022, women constitute at least one-third of the workforce at Klenty.

What’s our driving force?

We want to make sure that there are enough voices of women in every function. And at every level. We are working towards making Klenty a company that aggressively fights gender disparity in the workplace.

As we grew multifold in headcount, customers, and revenue in the past couple of years, and were voted one of “Best 50 Sales Products in 2022’ by G2, we realized one thing stood out. Women at Klenty played pivotal roles in every sphere whether it was sales, human resources, technology, finance, or marketing. And that power is what we need more of.

So, with our commitment to #pledgeforequality, we are rolling out the red carpet to welcome more women to be a part of Klenty’s story.

We urge you to #pledgeforequality to make workplaces everywhere more safe, diverse, and inclusive.

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