How to Book More Meetings with Klenty’s Calendar

Booking meetings are the core of any outreach process.

When you strike a connection with a prospect, you exchange a few emails to find an ideal time to meet. But most of the time, you just get stuck between “When are you available?” and “Let’s try next week.”

You’ve been through a whirlwind of issues. Plenty of emails went unread. Calls went unanswered. And each time, your hopes were squashed.

But now, when you’re so close to booking a meeting, you’re stuck with a back-and-forth that has a high chance of ruining this opportunity completely.

The human mind is fickle. If you let people sit on a decision for too long, they are prone to changing their minds.

So, every second that goes by after your prospect has decided to book a meeting, is a chance for them to change their mind, or worse – to ghost you. The more time you let pass, the more your prospect’s urgency fades. You need to make sure that you strike the iron while it’s hot.

The solution is to start using Calendar to schedule your meetings.

Benefits of Calendar

1. Increase the Number of Meetings Booked

Using a Calendar reduces the usual back-and-forth that comes with booking a meeting to zero. You can set your availability, and your prospects will be able to pick the one that fits them well – thereby increasing the number of meetings booked.

2. Reduce No-show Rates

Since your prospect will be booking a meeting according to their convenience, the chances of them showing up to the meeting are definitely high.

3. Declutter Your Schedule

Using a calendar tool will help you organize your day efficiently. You don’t have to manually keep track of all your meetings. Your booked meetings will get synced to your calendar automatically, and you’ll be able to manage your schedule in a much better and more efficient manner.

Why do You Need a Calendar in Your Sales Engagement Platform?

We’ve established that employing a Calendar will make the process of booking a meeting more efficient. But to make your outreach a seamless and smooth experience, this is still not enough.

Using a different Calendar tool will result in you switching from one platform to another to get all your meeting details. This causes friction in your day-to-day activities.

Having an in-built Calendar in your sales engagement platform results in maximum productivity. Everything you need will be available in one place. It will be a one-stop destination for your entire sales process, from start to finish.

How to Use Klenty’s Calendar to Book More Meetings

After connecting your calendar to Klenty’s Calendar, you’ll be able to:

1. Set Your Availability

When deciding on an ideal time to meet, your prospects’ and your schedule may clash more often than you’d like. When this happens, it could result in your prospect going cold and not responding to your messages. Add time-zone-related hassles and double booking mishaps, and you’ve got a whole lot of confusion in your hands.

To avoid this, Klenty’s Calendar gives you the option to set your availability and display them to your prospects. You can set when and at what time you’ll be available.

2. Create Event Types

Oftentimes, you’ll be required to send out links to the same kind of meetings. Sometimes it’s a quick catchup call that lasts 30mins. Other times, it’s a long, detailed call that could go up to an hour. It’s not feasible to create different meeting links for all these separate events.

With Klenty’s Calendar, you’ll be able to create default event types and use them as and when necessary. What’s more? These don’t have to be rigid, you can even customize them when required. All you have to do is copy the link and send it to your prospects.

Image of Calender feature -URLs to the public page

3. Send Links to the Public Page

Every event type you create will have individual links that lead to a public page. This is where your prospects will be able to view your availability, pick what day and time works best for them, and confirm a meeting with you. While booking, they will be able to add details like their phone number, company name, and short notes on the meeting description.

URLs to the public page in the Klenty's feature image


Using a Calendar gets rid of the uncomfortable back-and-forth that comes before booking a meeting with a prospect. You can make scheduling meetings a better and more pleasant experience for prospects, as well as yourself. Just set your availability, send the calendar link, and be rest assured that your prospect will show up to the meeting.

Start using Klenty’s Calendar to book more meetings!

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