12 Cold Calling Tools to Transform The Way Your Sales Team Works

  • Researching up to 40 prospects 
  • Qualifying leads 
  • Trying to call up more than 50 prospects a day
  • Following up with prospects 
  • Noting down key points from call conversations
  • Tracking leads in CRM to make priority-based call lists
  • Updating CRM manually

All the while being rejected by maybe all 50 prospects that day, and toggling between ten tabs every other minute. This leaves very little time in their day to do any research on their prospects which is crucial in making the cold approach successful

Your sales reps might be getting frustrated and even suffering from anxiety because of the rising tide of tasks that they are trying to stay afloat of. 

These productivity hampers could be why your teams are making little to no headway in meeting quotas or getting meetings booked.

This also means that your own sales goals are being compromised. Fewer calls mean fewer conversions mean less revenue. 

Like we fix most problems in 2021, why not just technologize your cold calling process with productivity tools?

Let your salespeople do what they do best with the saved time: Convince more prospects to book meetings with you.

Sure, modern CRM solutions help you with cold calling too, but the depth in features you have with cold calling tools make the difference.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about choosing a best cold calling software.

What Is Cold Calling Software?

A cold calling software is a sales productivity tool that helps SDRs scale their cold calling processes to boost the number of meetings getting booked.

Schedule daily calls, measure call metrics, and prioritize calls based on varying levels of a prospect’s engagement. Provide AI-assisted coaching and ease the onboarding process of new SDRs. Take intent-based actions to optimize your reps’ cold calling strategy. 

Salespeople can also automate mundane tasks like scheduling appointments, follow-ups, call recording, note-taking, sending text or email messages to leads following the call, and make time to sell to the right prospects. 

9 Features to Look For In a Cold Calling Tool

Cold calling tools, in general, have the following basic features: Click-to-call, call prospects in bulk, call recording, schedule appointments, set up tasks for prospects based on engagement, mobile usability, analytics, and some kind of integration. 

The following features remove the ‘mundane’ from your sales reps’ daily work. 

A visual of all the features to look for in a cold calling tool.

Choose a Cold Calling Tool That’s Right For Your Sales Team

For the purpose of clarity we have broken down the tools into three categories: 

  • Multichannel Outreach Tools: Powerful software designed to help sales teams reach out to prospects via various channels of communication like email, calls, and LinkedIn. This is ideal for medium and large-sized sales teams who rely on calls, emails, and also LinkedIn activities to book meetings. Organize all your outreach activities in a single place.
  • Pure Cold Calling Tools: Powerful software specifically designed to help optimize your call outreach process. Sales teams who primarily rely on calls to do outreach can opt for pure cold calling tools.
  • Phone Systems: These are phone system solutions in the form of applications, extensions or integrations designed to boost calling productivity specifically. They mainly cater to call centers, but they also provide solutions to sales teams specializing in call outreach.

12 Best Cold Calling Tools That Will Help You Sell Better

Multichannel Outreach Tools

1. Klenty

Image of Klenty's calling feature which helps you cold call to scale your multichannel outreach

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps SDRs scale sales outreach and books more meetings. With Klenty, you can send personalized, one-to-one cold emails, schedule follow-up emails, track the open, click, and reply rates, and reach out via LinkedIn. Klenty also has features of a cold calling tool to scale your multichannel outreach efforts. 

  • One-click Sales Dialler to execute call after call seamlessly.
  • Call Recording to review calls at your convenience.
  • Voicemail Drop to send personalized, pre-recorded voicemails with 1 click.
  • Local Dial to place calls to your prospects using their area code.
  • Call Notes to sync your notes directly to the CRM.
  • Call Outcome to mark the status of each call instantly.
  • Incoming Voicemail to allow prospects to leave you a voicemail.
  • Call Reports to measure your performance and find coachable points.

2. Hubspot Sales Hub

Landing page screenshot of Hubspot, one of the cold calling software mentioned in the article.

Hubspot sales hub is an all-in-one solution for sales teams prospecting through multiple channels. It is a sales outreach software that integrates with the flagship Hubspot CRM.

The ‘Call tracking software’ included in their sales platform comes with basic features like placing calls from your desktop to using VoIP to call from the country you’re prospecting in; automatically logging in calls to your CRM, which enables you to track and update lead status easily; and automating tasks, follow-ups with leads according to their status in the pipeline.

This cold email software is compatible with mobile phones.

Conversation Intelligence is available with the Enterprise package at $1,200 per month while Sales Analytics is also available only with the Professional and Enterprise packages. 

3. Close 

Landing page screenshot of close CRM, one of the cold calling software mentioned in the article.

Close is a CRM for cold calling that provides an end-to-end solution for salespeople who are prospecting via multiple channels. 

From call recording to automatic dialers, to Conversation Intelligence, you can get it all depending on which of their four plans you want to invest in. 

The cold calling features in the starting plan include built-in global inbound and outbound calling, call forwarding, and the ability to send and receive text messages. 

Pure Cold Calling Software

4. Myphoner

Landing page screenshot of Myphoner, one of the cold calling software mentioned in the article.

Myphoner, a lightweight sales CRM, is an easy-to-use cold calling software you can use to manage all of your call outreach efforts.

With lead tracking, lead routing, power dialer, lead segmentation, and other basic calling features, Myphoner is an advanced sales toolkit for cold calling.

It is compatible with mobile phones.  

5. VanillaSoft

Landing page screenshot of VanillaSoft, one of the cold calling software mentioned in the article.

VanillaSoft is a sales engagement platform that boasts many features for call outreach. 

With lead management software and the ability to see through your cold calling campaigns efficiently, VanillaSoft is a tool for sales heads who want to carry out their outbound campaigns intelligently.

It comes with auto-dialers, call recording, SMS and email marketing, lead queue management, Voicemail drop, call scripting, and sales cadence automation.

6. ringDNA

Landing page screenshot of ringDNA, one of the cold calling tools mentioned in the article.

ringDNA positions itself as a cold calling software that drives productivity by guiding salespeople on how to make the most out of their calling process.  

With almost every feature a sales rep needs being available and more, RingDNA stands at a formidable advantage. Unfortunately, their pricing is available only on request. 

With products like Intelligent Dialer, Conversation AI, Guided Selling, Call Tracking, Yoda AI, ringDNA helps sales teams scale smartly. 

7. RingCentral

Landing page screenshot of ringcentral, one of the cold calling software mentioned in the article.

RingCentral is a cloud phone system that specializes in business communication tools that support remote collaboration. They have three products: One for messaging, phoning, and video; one for video conferencing and team messaging; and one for contact center inbound, outbound and omnichannel.

The app they offer called ‘Engage Voice’ is a cold calling software for outbound call campaigns. Engage Voice has advanced dialers, personalized scripting services, and most of the premium features a calling software would have. It also has a risk mitigator to help you clear out your outbound call list, and keep your company safe from Telephone Consumer Protection Act class-action suits.

This software is compatible with mobile phones. 

They also have smaller outreach applications optimized for integrations or industry so you can get one that fits your needs. 

8. Kixie PowerCall 

Landing page screenshot of Kixie, one of the cold calling software mentioned in the article.

Kixie PowerCall is a powerful Chrome extension that enables reps to make calls from anywhere, automatically dial from a contact list on spreadsheets, or even webpages like yelp. 

Other features of this cold calling tool include call recording, AI-powered local presence, reporting insights, live call coaching, anywhere usage, and voicemail drop.

Phone systems

9. Dialpad Sell

Landing page screenshot of Dailpad, one of the cold calling tools mentioned in the article.

Dialpad is an all-in-one business communication solution that also caters to sales teams with a cold calling software, Dialpad Sell. Using AI, it provides advanced coaching features like real-time recommendations and prompts to count objections. But that’s only some of their features. 

Others include call recording, additional phone numbers, rep leaderboards, coaching groups, call metrics, transcriptions, (salesforce) power dialer, voicemail drop, and mobile usage. 

With multiple productivity-boosting features for both the manager and the rep, Dialpad Sell has rightly positioned itself as an AI-driven solution for sales teams. 

10. Toky

Landing page screenshot of Toky, one of the cold calling software mentioned in the article.

Toky is a communication tool that can be integrated with any of the major CRMs to create the modern phone system. Toky’s Power Dialer is a cold calling software that can be used by sales teams.

With all the basic features of a cold calling tool covered, Toky also provides call monitoring, the ability to add notes and tags to calls, and even a call button for your site so the customer can reach you from there. 

This software is compatible with mobile phones.

11. Aircall 

Landing page screenshot of Aircall, one of the cold calling software tools mentioned in the article.

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system that provides calling solutions for sales teams as well. 

This app ecosystem comes with most of the basic calling features along with analytics, and the ability for reps to talk to their teammates while on call so they can provide the prospect with the best possible value. 

Bonus Tool

This is not a pure cold calling tool but it can still give your outreach campaign a boost by analyzing your calls and improving your team’s overall performance.

12. Wingman

Landing page screenshot of Wingman, one of the cold calling software mentioned in the article.

Wingman is a conversation intelligence software for sales managers and reps to review calls, coach, and get better at selling the right way. Find out what’s working and what’s not in your cold calls and smash your sales targets with AI-assisted insights.

With prompts at every step of the call, reps can brace themselves well for a cold call.

Ideal for growing sales teams, it has call recording and transcription, real-time sales coaching, and sales performance analysis and integrates with all the major CRMs. 

So which tool are you going to choose?

Depending on the size of your sales team, and your goals, choose one that brings the highest ROI.

Identify the priorities for your sales teams, and choose accordingly.

If you want to:

  • onboard reps easily, choose an easy-to-use software with call recording or AI-assisted script features and has bi-directional syncing of call data with your CRM to automate manual entry
  • scale, then look at CRM integrations and multichannel outreach capabilities
  • save time, then voicemail drop and auto-dialers would do the job

Do let us know in the comments section if we’ve missed out on any cool cold calling tool.


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