11 Best Email Warm-up Tools in 2022 [Free + Paid]

Back in 2004, Bill Gates said, “spam will be a thing of the past in 2 years’ time.”

Nearly two decades later, spam folders are still overflowing with junk. Spam messages accounted for 45.37% of all email traffic in December 2021.

Today, writing a mind-boggling cold email, and having meticulously-crafted follow-up emails is not enough. Because to get your prospect’s attention first you have to land in your recipient’s primary inbox. 

Let’s get this straight – messages that fall into spam are never viewed (as I write this, I quickly checked my spam inbox, just out of curiosity, and alas! An email from a CEO who had responded to my cold email for an interview had been collecting dust in the spam folder for a whopping 11 days.)  

But, why did it go to spam? and why are your emails falling into spam? It could be the email server marking your emails as spam. It could be the reputation of your email address. It could be many things. 

To ensure that you can send cold emails that land in your recipient’s primary email inbox, you have to use a piece of software called the email warm-up tool.

What is an email warm-up tool?

An email warm-up tool is an individual software or part of an email automation software that helps you boost the reputation of your email address, and increases your daily email sending limit over time.

Without an email warm-up tool, you can’t send a whopping 1000 emails from your new or existing email address from day 1 as email service providers have set daily limits for newer email addresses. For example, Google Workplace users have a daily email sending limit of 2000. In a bid to curb spammers, many email service providers have set up such limits. If you send emails at scale from the first day of getting your new email address, your account will be suspended by your email server, or the spam filters of other servers will trash your emails into spam.

How does the email account get warmed up?

To ensure that your email address has gone through the wear and tear of email usage, email warm-up tools automatically send emails on your behalf to controlled groups of recipients who will also automatically reply. Gradually, as the authority of your email address increases, the email servers’ spam filters will consider your account genuine. And your emails won’t end up in spam. 

What you need to know is that an email warmup tool does three things to improve the reputation of your email address: 

Why do you need email warmup tools?

The short answer? To avoid SPAM. Long answer: You need email warm-up tools because the manual process of warming up a new email address is laborious and will cost you up to three months of campaign time. 

Image representing the difference between cold outreach without warm-up v/s outreach with good warm up using a email warm-up tool

How to choose an email warm-up tool?

A quick search for ‘email warmup tools’ will bring up an array of options for you. However, each result will also be riddled with technicalities, making your decision-making process arduous. 

But contrary to popular beliefs, it’s actually quite simple to choose a warm-up tool. All you need to consider is this: 

Does the tool use real people’s email addresses to exchange emails for the purpose of the warm-up or does it use bots?

If the tool’s engagement group consists of real people, then you are in the right hands. In no way does it mean that tools using computer-generated mailboxes to warm up your email address are bad. However, skeptics might argue that many anti-spam filters will identify this technique in the near future. 

Best Email Warm-up Tools (Free + Paid)

Free email warm-up tools

1.  Quickmail Automwarmer

Landing page of one of the email warm-up tool - Qucikmail's Autowarmer

AutoWarmer is the email warming tool of QuickMail and forms an integral part of its cold email automation suite. Once you link your email account with Auto Warmer, your email account will automatically send and receive emails from Auto Warmer’s inbox network. The email will also be replied to as if it is happening with someone you actually know. The best part is if your emails ever reach the spam folder, they will be instantly transferred to the main inbox, thus ensuring that it doesn’t happen again.

Hero Feature: Comes with an Auto Archive feature where the tool automatically archives all the replies from their network of inboxes.

Pricing: There is a free plan available.

Free Trial Available: It comes with a 14-day free trial for all paid plans.

Integration with different email service providers: Gmail/GSuite, Outlook/Exchange, Custom SMTP/IMAP, Amazon SES, PostMark, MailJet, MailGun, and Zoho Email.

  2.  GMass

Landing page of one of the email warm-up tool - GMass

Warm-Up is a free tool from the ‘GMass Mail Merge and Mass Emails’ ecosystem. It mainly revolves around Google’s Gmail services and does not work or is effective with other providers. The tool is extremely simple to set up with no username/passwords or Google security required. The system mainly works over OAuth and not by authenticating over SMTP.

Hero Feature: Comes with an auto-detect setting where the tool automatically detects what your ideal daily volume is. It ensures that the ramp-up is done after thoroughly analyzing your email account’s sending patterns.

Pricing: Free

Free Trial Available: Not applicable

Integration with different email service providers: Gmail/GSuite

Paid email warm-up tools

1.   Reply

Screenshot of Reply's landing page image, one of the paid email warm-up tool

Warmup is an add-on feature of Reply. This tool primarily relies on its network of users who have signed up for this feature for email sending. Said differently, no free accounts are used during the warmup. You won’t need any additional third-party services to warm up your inbox if you use this tool. 

Hero Feature: Reply’s warmup tool has multiple profiles that a user can adopt. For instance, one profile can be for warming up a new account, one for repairing the damage to your reputation, and so on.

Pricing: $29 per email account per month                                                   

Free Trial Available: It comes with a 14-day free trial plan.

Integration with different email service providers: Gmail and Outlook

2.   Lemwarm

Screenshot of Lemwarm's landing page image, one of the paid email warm-up tool

Lemlist’s core product ‘Lemwarm’ focuses on exchanging warm-up emails with real people instead of bots, which could result in higher open rates. The product also claims that some of their oldest domains are as old as 25 years.

Hero Feature: Lemwarm lets you maintain conversational threads as part of the inbox warming process. So email servers perceive them as conversation threads between real people. 

Pricing: Basic plan starts from $25 per month.

Free Trial Available: 14-day free trial available. No credit card is required.

Integration with different email service providers: Gmail and Office 365

3.   Mailwarm 

Screenshot of Mailwarm's landing page image, one of the paid email warm-up tool

Mailwarm is a popular email warmup tool that uses peer-to-peer technology to send emails to actual users on their network. This way, it warms your inbox and keeps your emails out of the spam folder. The email warmup process is powered by artificial intelligence which makes the entire activity natural and mimics what a human would actually do. 

Hero Feature: You get the ability to control and track Mailwarm on a dashboard and get daily insights on the warm-up activities. You can adjust the intensity or pause the warm-up activity based on these insights.

Pricing: Basic plan starts from $79

Free Trial Available: Not available

Integration with different email service providers: Custom SMTP, Google SMTP, Google Login, Yahoo, AOL, and Yandex.

4. Mailshake

Screenshot of Mailshake's landing image

Warm up your inbox with Mailshake’s inbuilt warm-up tool that comes with every plan you subscribe to. You can improve your sender score, stay out of spam filters, keep away from email black lists, and warm-up both new and existing email accounts. 

Hero Feature: You can adjust the sending volume using this tool with a single click. 

Pricing: Warm-up is an inbuilt feature of the Email Outreach plan. This plan is priced at $44 per user per month.

Free Trial Available: No trial, but a 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Integration with different email service providers: Outlook, Custom SMTP, Google Workspace.

5. Klenty

Screenshot of Klenty's landing page image, one of the top email warm-up tool

Klenty’s email warm-up tool is an add-on feature you can purchase when you subscribe to any of its sales engagement plans. The tool automates your email warm-up process by sending and receiving emails just like a human would – at random intervals. The setting up takes less than a minute–connect your email account with Klenty, and mention the sending limit value and the daily increment volume. The tool takes the wheels from here. 

The email ID is warmed up by sending the emails to either the accounts that are handled by a dedicated team at Klenty or the accounts of users who are using our email warm-up service. 

We ensure that email accounts are hosted on different email service providers and maintain a good reputation. All emails sent to our accounts will be opened, replied to, removed from the spam folder, and marked as safe. This ensures that your email accounts are genuine and can be trusted by various email service providers.

Hero feature: With Klenty’s warm-up tool, you can set up rules to send all the warm-up emails to a specific folder in your inbox, and not the primary tab.

Pricing: Klenty’s Email Warm-up is available as an add-on in all the pricing plans.

Free Trial Available: Yes, a 14-day free trial plan is available. 

Integration with different email service providers: Office 365 Outlook, Custom SMTP/IMAP, Gmail.

6.   Woodpecker

Screenshot of Woodpecker's landing page image

With Woodpecker, you can turn on the email warm-up feature in a single click. You can choose to warm up a single email address or a whole domain. It automatically sends emails, pulls them out of the spam folder, and transfers them to the inbox. 

Hero feature: You can send emails from one account while another one is warming up. You also have the option to add as many free warm-ups as needed.

Pricing: Woodpecker’s Warm-up & Recovery is a feature included in its cold email, sales automation and agency plans. 

Free Trial Available: 7 days free trial plan or send 50 emails for free.

Integration with different email service providers: Gmail, Office 365, and Exchange.

7.   Warmbox.ai

Screenshot of Warmbox's landing page image, one of the paid email warm-up tool

Warmbox AI automatically sends emails from your inbox and responds to them just like how a real prospect would do. For instance, it takes the email out of spam, opens it, and even replies to it. This way, the tool increases your email ID’s deliverability and raises its reputation. Warmbox AI also comes with a host of other features such as spam score monitoring and multiple warm-up options. 

Hero feature: It gives you access to reports on how your deliverability is increasing.

Pricing: Basic plan starts from $15.

Free Trial Available: Not available

Integration with different email service providers: – GSuite OAuth, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, Amazon SES, SMTP

8.   Allegrow

Screenshot of Allegrow's landing page image, one of the paid email warm-up tool

Allegrow is an inbox placement optimization tool that helps increase the sender reputation and ensures that your emails stay away from the spam folder. The tool offers you the capability to warm up your inbox in real time, boosting your domain reputation and reducing the spam rate, in the process. 

Hero feature: You get access to real-time data spread across multiple ISPs that can tremendously increase your lead conversion rates. 

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $18 per user month.

Free Trial Available: There is no trial plan. A 7-day money-back guarantee is available.

Integration with different email service providers: Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, Custom SMTP.

9. Warmup Inbox 

Screenshot of Warmup ox's  landing page image

The primary purpose of Warmup Inbox is to monitor email blacklists and checks the presence of your email campaigns on those lists. Unlike other tools, Warmup Inbox checks these blacklists on a daily basis, thus ensuring that your email address is always in good health. Apart from monitoring blacklists, it also calculates your reputation score and suggests improvements.

Hero feature: Warmup Inbox lets you easily sync your email ID with their vast network of 20,000+ continuously changing inboxes that regularly communicate with each other. 

Pricing: $9 per inbox

Free Trial Available: 7-day free trial available. No credit card is required.

Integration with different email service providers: – Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Amazon SES, and any other custom SMTP.


An email warm-up tool is a must-have if you run cold email campaigns. If you’re seeing low open rates for your well-crafted sales email sequences, the culprit may not be the subject line, as you might assume. In all probability, it could actually be poor email deliverability.

So when you’re picking the tool, ensure that it doesn’t rush the warm-up like magically improve your sender reputation in 5 days. It has to gradually increase the email load until your email ID is completely optimized to run cold email campaigns at scale.

*All prices are on a per-month basis.*


What is email warm-up?

Good email warm-up v/s bad email warm-up

Email warm-up is the process of sending a few emails from your new email account initially and then gradually increasing the number of emails sent every day to warm up the email account. The email warm-up process is essential to improve the sender reputation of your new email account and increase the email sending limit of your email account.

How long does it take to warm up an email?

Ideally, for an email ID to be properly warmed up and ready to go, it takes about 8-12 weeks. But, if the engagement levels are good during the warm-up process, the email ID gets ready faster. An email warmup tool helps you execute warm-up on auto-pilot.

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