Unified Inbox, Test Cadance, and more feature releases

What’s summer without a few anticipated releases? We’ve converted some inspiring feedback into features that make for a smoother experience, whether you’re knee deep in an exhaustive cold campaign or testing the waters. Here’s what we’re moving from our drawing board to you.

  1. Inbox and Privacy settings for mailbox
  2. Test Cadance template
  3. Fallback for placeholders
  4. Export prospects with engagement info

1. Inbox and Privacy settings for mailbox

You now have an Inbox inside Klenty that lets you quickly view all replies to your outbound cadances. This is especially useful if you have multiple team members or have connected email accounts in Klenty. So you have a unified inbox without having to jump across multiple email accounts.
To access this feature, head over to Mailbox -> Inbox

Screenshoot of Inbox and Privacy settings

We have also added to Privacy settings in your Klenty Mailbox. The admin user in Klenty will now be able to setup email accounts as private or public.

2. Can I test a cadance template before sending it out?

This has been a frequent question among our first-time users. Now you can! Right before you send out a email cadance, on the previews page, look out for a “Test Cadance” button. Enter your desired email address here and your test email will be on its way!

screenshot of cadance template

3. Fallback for placeholders

Placeholders are widely used and a common problem that arises when sending an email is the placeholders can’t be replaced sometimes. With the intuitive Fallback feature that’s now available, you can set a word or phrase that you want to fall back to if a prospect doesn’t have the corresponding field. So let’s say you’re using “CompanyDomain” in your email but don’t have this value for all prospects, you can use the Fallback function to replace it with a different word or simply leave it blank if you want to skip that field.

Screenshot of placeholders

4. Export prospect engagement

You can export prospects that typically includes details like their name, company, email address, etc. We’re now including engagement status so not only can you view prospect opens, clicks, and replies, you can also take it offline in a CSV file.

Screenshot of export prospect engagement

Other updates:

  • Cadances are now autosaved as you create them
  • After you start a email cadance, you can now go back and change the email content or subject (for the emails that have not yet gone out)
  • If you want to assign multiple tags to your prospects when importing (CSV/ Google sheets), just separate the tags with a “|” (pipe) symbol
  • Emails specific to a cadance are now present in a Cadance Inbox for easier access and understanding.
  • You can now add prospects to a list or tag them from the Inbox.
  • Cadance reports now include Bounced data as well.

There’s plenty more where this came from and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store. So here’s a sneak peek.

Upcoming release(s): Slack integration that allows you to setup notifications for opens, clicks, and replies.

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