Five Moods After a Sales Pitch

Let us set the scene for you.

The last few niceties are done, and you end the call with a prospect. The silence after long hours of conversation feels deafening. And while you’ve kept your emotions in check, you can feel the adrenaline catching up to you.

It makes sense you would be feeling this way — a sales pitch is the make-or-break moment in any sales process and determines the fate of your deal. Not many see the emotional rush after a pitch call; only the smooth exterior of the perfect salesperson.

Be it happiness at nailing that tough sale, or panic because you think you forgot a product feature — it’s only normal to feel this way after a high-stress moment. And since self-awareness is the first step towards success, we’ve decided to list out five moods after a sales pitch as well as some takeaways from that rush of emotions.

1. Triumphant — “Huzzah!”

You followed your script to the tee, ad-libbed at the right moments, and addressed the prospect’s pain points clearly and accurately. You’ve managed to grab their attention and closing the sale is more likely by the minute.

Five Moods After a Sales Pitch - Triumphant

But things aren’t done yet. The golden rule of following up still stands. So, remember to drop that e-mail or message once you’re done celebrating. Brevet reports that 80% of deals require at least five follow-ups before closing. Here are five ways you can maintain your relationship with a hot prospect.

2. Robotic — “It’s against my programming…”

The pitch is done. You enter the meeting notes into the CRM. You send the follow-up email with the next steps. And then get on to prepare yourself for another call.

image of Robotic saying it's against my programming

But hang on, buddy! You deserve to celebrate reaching this important stage of your sale. Yes, it may not feel like much. But, celebrating now is important to stay motivated. In fact, check out this LinkedIn article that highlights the importance of celebrating small wins.

3. Slumped — “Woe is me…”

We all know how it feels. The heaviness in your gut, from knowing this one’s probably not coming through. After chasing after this prospect for weeks, you bungled the answer on the product’s key features, and the prospect doesn’t seem impressed at all.

Five Moods After a Sales Pitch - Slumped

We all have bad days. The most important thing is always picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and trying again. Don’t let one failure impact your next success.

If you’re finding it difficult to stay positive and keep an open mind, check out this article on how to beat that sales slump and keep pushing towards success.

4. Over-thinker — “All aboard the crazy train!”

Did you remember to mention that one feature the prospect is sure to love? Was the presentation you worked on all night successful? What about that one discount that would be sure to clinch the deal?

Five Moods After a Sales Pitch - Over-thinker

You may be the type to put down the phone and then go over every moment of the pitch with dread in your chest. And we get it — closing that sale has been the only thing you’ve been able to think about for the last three weeks. The pressure is on. But, that doesn’t mean you should succumb to it. Check out these tips to ease your sales anxiety, so you can stay cool and keep pressing onwards.

5. Frustrated — “$#%^!!”

It’s been over three months since you started this dance with your prospect, harassing them with emails and calls to get this meeting. And then, they disappear halfway through because they had another meeting. You’re left high and dry, and might have to redo this entire pitch later, or hope that the first part of the pitch was strong enough on its own.

Five Moods After a Sales Pitch - Frustrated

Firstly, take a deep breath. Secondly, remember that this isn’t about you — it’s about the process. The prospect is not rejecting you or stalling you, they’re only thinking about the product. Don’t take our word for it. Check out this article on how to manage your sales frustration better. This too shall pass.


As a sales rep, you are right at the forefront of the battle – being customer-facing means that emotions sometimes run high and sometimes low. But emotions are inevitable.

That’s why you need to keep learning to learn to deal with them the best way possible just the way you keep learning and honing your skills to pitch perfection.

Did you relate to these moods? Let us know in the comments!

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