How To Get 3X More Replies by Segmenting Your Prospects

There are two kinds of salespeople in the world: One puts every prospect through a linear cadence. And the other segments their prospects.

  • Those who segment every prospect through a linear cadence: This group sets up a cadence with the recommended 5-10 touches, gets some replies, moves on to the next prospect list, and then repeats the process all over. This process results in fewer responses or meetings booked from a list. And these salespeople end up contacting more prospects to achieve targets.
  • Those who segment prospects: This group segments prospects and figures out how to get more mileage from the same list. These salespeople understand that prospects are at different stages of the buying journey and need different strategies to move them through the sales funnel.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to get 3x more replies by segmenting your prospect list based on engagement.

Segmenting Prospects Who’ve Completed a Cadence

First things first! To effectively engage prospects who have completed a cadence without converting, you need to segment them based on their engagement levels:

1. High-Intent Prospects

These are the prospects who have highly engaged with your cadence. But have neither responded nor converted. For instance, they demonstrate engagement by clicking on links or opening emails multiple times.

2. Passively Engaged Prospects

These are the prospects who open your emails. But have neither unsubscribed nor engaged with your emails. For instance, they would have opened 1-2 emails in your 5-step cadence without clicking on links or re-opening emails.

3. Disengaged Prospects

These prospects have not opened any emails you have sent them. Either they are unavailable on the channel, or the emails didn’t make it to their inbox.

This helps you gauge which of your prospects will convert with a high-touch, high-personalization approach and which of them need to be nurtured further to get them sales-ready.

Take the Right Next Step for Every Prospect With Playbooks

Playbooks- Feature of Klenty

With Playbooks, you can transfer prospects from one cadence to another based on their intent and engagement levels or other pre-defined rules. You can use the prospect’s engagement levels to segment and redirect prospects to different cadences when they have completed your initial cadence.

Here Are 3 Strategies for Each Level of Engagement:

1. Convert High-intent Prospects With High Touch Cadences

Image showing how you convert your High-intent Prospects.

Use this strategy when prospects show high intent to purchase – but have not yet taken the leap. High-intent prospects have a higher likelihood of not only getting you responses but also conversion. You can set pre-define the criteria to assign scores to prospect actions such as opens and clicks and prioritize prospects with high scores.

For example, when a prospect clicks multiple links from your emails, you can qualify them as high-intent. Do not drop the ball on these prospects. A few more highly personalized touches (such as a phone call) might lead to a conversion.

High-intent feature in the Klenty playbooks

2. Nurture Prospects Who’ve Passively Engaged

Image of a Playbook for Passively engaged Prospects

Use this strategy when prospects have one or two engagements on your cadence but have neither shown high intent to purchase nor completely disengaged or unsubscribed to your emails.

For example, prospects opened a few of your emails. They read your emails but didn’t engage deeply – such as clicking any links or visiting your website.

Add these passively engaged prospects to a nurturing cadence and create more interest through educational and relevant content.

Creating a Playbook in Klenty

3. Flip the Channels To Reach Out To Disengaged Prospects

Cadence for the disengaged prospects

Use this strategy when prospects complete a cadence without any engagement. When there is zero engagement on one channel it is not necessarily a sign of disinterest. There’s a high likelihood that the prospect is not active on the channel that you’re reaching out to.

For example, you’ve reached out to a prospect via email with 4-5 touches, but they’ve not opened any of them. There is a good chance they’re not using that email address or your emails are getting filtered out. Continuing to reach out using the same channel further is futile

In such cases, you could move them to a different cadence which relies on a completely different channel.

Cadence playbook when it gets completed without a reply

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of how to segment prospects, you can use playbooks to get 3x more replies. Log in to Klenty and set up your playbooks today!

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