How To Build a Network and Generate a Pipeline on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has steadily grown to become the largest professional networking platform, with over 600M users. Everybody who’s anyone is on the platform. With Klenty, you can make it a great channel to open conversations with your prospects.

As a salesperson, you can leverage this treasure trove of information to:

  • Build a network of potential buyers/ customers
  • Stay on top of the minds of your prospects and customers
  • Find the right opportunities to sell

The key to making Linkedin work is to make it a part of your day-to-day workflow. Devote 30 mins per day to reach out to a consistent set of people per day with personalized messaging. And build relationships with buyers in your network with little or no effort.

In this post, we’ll show you 2 quick ways to build your network on LinkedIn and generate your pipeline. In as little as 30 minutes per day!

1. Send personalized connection requests at scale in less than 10 minutes a day

Create a 1-step cadence to send connection requests with personalized messages. And set up a daily throttle on your Cadence to moderate the pace of automation, making it seem human. Scale up in a consistent and systematic manner. Build your network with a single click. It’s that simple!

Step1: Setting up a cadence and Send personalized connection requests at scale

2. Get notified when prospects connect with you and start a conversation

The biggest mistake people make when building their network is going incommunicado on their new connection after sending the request. This is just as good as not connecting with them.

Get notified on your multi-channel inbox and start a conversation with them from within Klenty when prospects accept your invitation to connect.

Get notified when prospects connect with you within Klenty

Bonus: 2 more benefits you get from Klenty’s LinkedIn execution

1. Sync responses on Klenty and unify your channels

Klenty gives you the ability to sync your LinkedIn responses and collate all activities from your prospects such as accepted invites and replies to your inMails or LinkedIn Messages.

You can view the entire chat when you click on the message and respond by creating one-off tasks.

Simply click the Prospect Name from your multi-channel inbox and you’re good to go.

Sync LinkedIn responses on Klenty and unify your channels

Note: Only activities from prospects who are mapped into Klenty will get synced to ensure that relevant activities are synced back.

2.  Track your activities on your CRM

Bring your activity history to your CRM and get a detailed view of the impact of your engagement strategy by tracking responses, acceptances, and replies. Set up the triggers from your Settings page and sync their respective LinkedIn tasks back to your CRM.

Track your activities on your CRM

You’re all set. Log in to Klenty and start building your LinkedIn Network today!

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