3-Ways To Increase Connect Rate on Calls

Call-connect rates average at around 6%.

This means, for every 100 calls you dial, 6 prospects pick up the phone. The more you dial, the greater the opportunities to connect with prospects. But, if prospects aren’t picking up your calls, dialing more won’t increase the call connects. The key is to reach the right prospect at the right time.

In this post, we’ll show you 3 ways to increase your call-connect rates on Klenty.

Local Dial

When prospects get calls from unknown regions, they are less likely to answer. Instead, you can call them from a number with a local area code to increase your call-connect rate. When you turn on Local Dial, the dialer automatically picks the number with the closest area code to that of your prospect to make the call.

Klenty's Local Dial feature that automatically picks the number with the closest area code.

Prospect Time Zone

Timing matters! Figuring out your prospects’ locations and time zones can get tricky, particularly when making calls all day long. While we know different days and times of the week work for different prospects, calling them at odd hours is never a good idea! Enable Prospect Time Zone to find your prospect’s exact time when you call and optimize your connect rates.

Klenty's Prospect Time-zone feature displaying the exact time when you call to optimize your connect rates.

Voicemail Drop

Most people are likely to listen to voicemails even if they don’t answer the phone. Segment your prospects list and record a personalized message for each segment. Drop your pre-recorded voicemails and move on to the next call. You’d be surprised at the number of people who call you back.

Klenty's Voicemail Drop feature.


Review and Train Your Pitch With Call Recording

Retrace your pitch! Go back in time and learn from your previous calls. Whether you want to pick up the cues from your prospects or self-assess to improve your pitch, recording your sales calls is the best way to review your calls and find coachable moments.

Klenty's Call Recording feature.

Sync to the CRM

Loop in your CRM. Manually updating your call data back to your CRM can be excruciating. And, not to mention, stall your productivity. We have just launched this feature to automatically send your call recordings to your CRM. By simply enabling the trigger.

Klenty's Sync to CRM feature that automatically sends your call recordings to your CRM.

Receive Incoming Calls and Never Miss a Callback

Keep the line open. For the prospects who think about your offer. Or for those who missed your call and want to return it. With Klenty’s Sales Dialer, you can receive notifications for incoming calls and answer them from Klenty.

Klenty's callback feature.

You’re all set. Log in to Klenty and start calling today!

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