3 Klenty Features To Increase Account Coverage and Win Deals

When you prospect only one lead within an organization, you’re at a greater risk of losing the entire account. Because your outreach efforts come to a standstill when a prospect loses interest or leaves the company.

This is especially true during times of uncertainty, like recessions, in which people are more likely to lose jobs.

Additionally, when prospecting into bigger accounts, the success of your outreach is dependent on creating a shared alignment between champions, challengers, and decision-makers.

And either of these could adversely affect your outreach. In such cases, it is important to:

  1. get visibility on the entire account,
  2. figure out who the champions, challengers, and decision-makers are within every account, and
  3. build relationships with various leads within the account.

An Overview of Account-based Prospecting

Account-based prospecting or account-based selling is a sales strategy used to prospect an entire account as opposed to prospecting one lead from every account.

This involves personalizing your outreach to nurture the different buyer personas within every account and getting buy-ins from every stakeholder.

Here are three features on Klenty to help you cover the entire account and drive successful outcomes:

1. Automated Account Mapping

organization and auto account-mapping feature

Mapping prospects into an account is the first step in understanding your reach within every account.

It is a herculean task to manually map every prospect to an account. Luckily, you don’t have to do that!

When you import a prospect on to Klenty, your prospects are automatically mapped to an account based on the organization name or the domain name provided.

2. Account Insights

Complete insights of prospects , all in one place

Gauging the account penetration within every account your prospect is a daunting task. Klenty consolidates the engagement and intent levels of every prospect within an account to help you visualize the coverage on the account.

The Account details page gives all the information you need at your fingertips. Get a range of data points such as Account Notes, the lists affecting the account, the next steps that have been scheduled, the last contact date, and the complete activity history of the account.

3. Account-level Personalization

Personalization of prospects

Executing account-based prospecting is easier said than done. Klenty’s Account level personalization removes the grunt work of creating personalized and relevant strategies to nurture different stakeholders within your account.

Account Placeholders

Use account-level placeholders such as company names and titles to create personalization within every account. You can even create account-level custom fields for every account, such as Industries or Competitors.

Ready to get started? Log into your Klenty account and start account-based prospecting from the Accounts tab.

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