Intuitive cadences and more

We’ve got some great new features this time around that will make it that much easier for you while prospecting.
Our focus for the last couple of weeks has been to ship some advanced features to manage your email campaigns more effectively.

Here are a couple of our most recent and important updates.

1. Stop cadence – on reply – for all prospects in the same domain (available in Grande and Venti plans)

Do you schedule email campaigns to multiple prospects in the same company simultaneously? You are going to love this one.

When enabled, Klenty will stop cadence follow-up emails for prospects that belong to the same domain as the prospect who replies.  For example, if you have 5 prospects with a email id, all 5 prospects will be removed from the Cadence if any of 5 prospects replies.

Find this option in Settings – Company Settings – Safety settings.

2. Stop cadence on any reply from the prospect’s domain

We have all been there. You send a cold email to He, in turn, asks Sergey to look into the matter and you get a reply back from

It might be embarrassing if your automated follow-ups continue to go out to Larry. We get that.

We’re glad to introduce an update that stops the cadence for a prospect even if the email ids don’t match – as long as the reply is from the same domain or if the same email thread is replied to.

3. Blacklist domains (available in Grande and Venti plans)

Another often requested feature, we’ve now introduced the option to blacklist entire domains. So regardless of the prospect status, if an email is detected to be scheduled to these domains, we’ll automatically stop them from going out.

You can find this option in Settings – Company Settings.

4. Message sentiment

You can now mark replies from prospects as positive or negative, and keep track of the number of promising replies you and your team are receiving. You can view sentiment statistics for each of your templates in Klenty.

More awesome updates:

  • Adding images to your emails – which previously required that you upload from Settings, Email Preferences before you use them in a template – is now possible directly from the template/email as you’re creating it.
  • You no longer need to copy/paste as placeholders can now be inserted directly into the subject.
  • Change the From-id for scheduled emails in the Outbox to an email id belonging to someone in your team, or if you’ve just changed the email id you’ve connected to Klenty.

We have more exciting improvements cooking up so stay tuned for our next update.


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