How to use Image Personalization to boost cold email engagement rates

Personalization is the name of the game in cold outreach.

But in an attempt to personalize your emails, if you are still using your prospects’ information like first name, company name, or some dynamic placeholders, then the results can only go so far because every salesperson is doing the same thing.

Your prospects’ inboxes are flooded with emails that all look the same and hence, the days when you could expect prospects to reply to your emails are long gone.

If you want to grab your prospects’ attention and get them to reply then you need to win the arms race for personalization. Your emails need to evolve beyond plain text. The solution is to start using images to raise your personalization game.

Why Images? Humans are visual creatures – so using images in emails creates a more memorable impact and conveys the message in a unique and personalized way. They also add personality to your emails.

The power of personalized images is that the possibilities are endless. You can celebrate special dates, promote a product, or simply let your customer know you’re thinking of them. You are limited only by your own imagination

So, images are an ideal way to personalize your cold email content and increase your engagement rates. Here’s the proof: a study by Vero found that the use of well-selected images will increase your email click-through rate by about 42%.

Benefits of using Personalized Images in Sales Outreach

  1. Be Memorable Using the right image in the right context has a higher possibility of remaining on the prospect’s mind for a longer period of time. The prospect also gets an insight into the person they are communicating with, thus developing a rapport. Leaving a mark on the prospect will inevitably lead to higher brand recall.
  2. Increase Your Engagement Rates Dynamic images definitely break the normal, templated format of reaching out to prospects, in turn yielding a higher click rate and reply rate. Personalized imagery has proven to boost engagement rates by at least 50%. It also minimizes the risk of being flagged as spam.
  3. Convey Messages in a Better Way Images can convey messages in a way that words can’t. They reflect the personality of your target audience and pique their interest, and may even encourage them to reply. Bonus point, you come across as down to earth by showing interest in your prospect, not just their brand.

Different ways to send personalized images in emails:

1. Personalize using prospect information

Image presenting feature- Personalize using prospect information

Including your prospect’s name in a personalized email is common, but impressing them with a personalized image is a whole different thing. It resonates with the prospect easily and creates a sort of one-on-one connection.

Personalize using company logo

The idea here is that the prospect is definitely going to notice your company logo. If you’re looking for an effective way to tailor your message, this is the way to go

3. Personalize using LinkedIn/Website screenshots

Personalize using LinkedIn/Website screenshots

Attaching screenshots of websites and LinkedIn profiles is a good way to indicate that you’ve done your research and know a thing or two about them. Prospects are more likely to engage with an email if you show them that you are serious.

But there’s always a tricky part. Managing hundreds of prospects, editing a hundred more personalized images, loading them onto a drive, and linking them all in your emails is cumbersome.

How To Send Personalized Images At Scale

The solution is to automate the process of personalizing images at scale. And Klenty’s Image personalization can help you do just that.

1. Image Personalization Using Placeholders

Image personalization

Do not worry about manually attaching one image after the other in your emails. With Klenty’s image personalization, you can add any placeholder based on prospect information like first name, last name, company name, and various other fields to automatically reflect the information on the images, thus making them unique to every prospect.

After selecting your image, either from your computer or image library, Klenty’s Personalize Image option will allow you to position placeholders of your choice onto the image. You can further customize these placeholders by changing their font styles, colors and alignment.

2. Edit Images

Editing the person info of an image

Klenty’s image personalization makes it easier to edit as you go. Options to align images, set their size, use various font styles and text overlays (using text and font generators), flip images, and even add shapes onto them are provided to ignite your creativity and craft a message that is aesthetic and appealing to your audience.


If personalization was a quarry, you’ve just found the diamond in images. Using personalized images in your cold outreach is going to be a game-changer – you can make your emails more memorable, more fun, add a bit of personality, and convey your message in a unique way to each prospect.

Start using Klenty’s Image Personalization feature today and see your email engagement rates skyrocket.

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