[CASE STUDY] Klenty-Pipedrive Integration: How We Automated our Entire Sales Workflow and Doubled Sales Team Productivity

Klenty, in combination with Pipedrive, helps sales teams maximize their productivity by automating the top-of-the-funnel activities such as reaching out to cold prospects by sending personalized emails at scale.

Using Klenty + Pipedrive integration, each salesperson in our team is now able to reach out to and follow-up with twice the number of leads every day, by automating their workflow. And focus more on closing more deals.

In this case study, you’ll learn about:

  • How does our sales team fully-automate the top-of-the-funnel activities
  • How we handle middle-of-the-funnel leads in a semi-automated manner
  • How we fully personalize sales conversations with bottom-of-the-funnel leads and automatically keep Pipedrive up-to-date

About Klenty

Klenty is a Sales Engagement Platform that helps sales teams automate outreach and communication with prospects at scale, thereby leading to more converted opportunities.

More than 1000 customers from across the world use the platform to engage their customers with personalized email conversations and close more deals.

Founded in 2015, Klenty is a fast-growing technology company with a team of about 30 people.

Klenty as a Product

At its core, Klenty is a tool that automates the mechanical/repetitive parts of the top-of-the-sales funnel activities like executing targeted outreach campaigns, following up, tracking engagement metrics, etc – to help sales teams focus more on meaningful activities such as building relationships, finding solutions and closing deals.

Why Klenty chose Pipedrive

When it comes to picking our tech-stack, we prefer to work with light-weight, flexible tools that are a joy to work with and are self-serve by design.

So, when we were looking for a CRM could serve as the backbone of our customer data while still being simple and easy-to-use, Pipedrive came as an easy choice that ticked all the boxes.

Getting buy-in for Pipedrive was a breeze. It was very user-friendly and our sales team loved using it.

The tool is now used as a single source of truth across all customer-facing teams including sales, marketing, and customer success.

How Klenty uses Pipedrive

To understand how Klenty uses Pipedrive, picture Pipedrive as the base over which all our other tools function.

All the customer-facing teams of Klenty – sales, marketing, and customer success – use Pipedrive as the central stack to record all the customer information and their interactions with them.

Apart from this, each team has its own specialized tool that works hand-in-hand with Pipedrive.

While Pipedrive is magical, using Klenty + Pipedrive unleashes the real productivity gains for our sales team.

How Klenty + Pipedrive Integration Increased Our Sales Team’s Productivity

Klenty’s native integration with Pipedrive adds powerful email automation capability to the CRM.

This means sales teams can be more effective by automating their workflows.

At Klenty, we use Klenty + Pipedrive integration to automate sales engagement workflows across the sales funnel.

Typically, our sales team uses three types of workflows with Klenty + Pipedrive integration:

a. Fully automated, Top-of-the-funnel Workflow

A sizeable part of the top-of-the-funnel activities involves monotonous tasks – such as sending emails, following-up, tracking engagement metrics, etc – these tasks take away a rep’s time from selling and can be fully automated.

Here’s how Klenty + Pipedrive integration can help you fully automate this entire workflow of following with up leads.

A “deal” gets created in Pipedrive every time a prospect signs up for a free trial. Our Sales Development Rep then qualifies the eligible deals to the next stage of the pipeline.

As soon as the deals are moved to the next stage, the email campaigns automatically start for them without the sales reps intervention.

The “Auto-import prospects” feature in Klenty automatically imports all these qualified leads from Pipedrive to Klenty every few hours.

auto import Pipedrive contacts to Klenty

These leads are then automatically added to an appropriate “Cadence” – a series of well-defined steps as to how and when the lead should be contacted – using “Auto-add Prospects to Cadence” feature.

email cadences

automated workflow

When a lead replies to an email, the cadence stops and a task/ reminder is created for the sales rep in Pipedrive so that he can engage with him manually.

This way, all the tedious work of consistently following-up with leads is fully taken over and there is zero intervention from our sales team at this stage.

The best part of Klenty-Pipedrive integration is that all the lead engagement data is constantly tracked and the progress is automatically synced back in Pipedrive. This keeps the CRM fresh and up-to-date with the most relevant data.

This is possible with the triggers and actions available as part of our integration. This implies that for every ‘trigger’ that happens in Klenty (for eg; email open, reply, etc); a corresponding action takes place in Pipedrive automatically (for eg; a deal moving to next stage, create a task, etc)

auto action features of Klenty

And finally, a task is created to remind the salesperson to kill all the lost/unengaged deals in thirty days from the date of creating them.

b. Semi-automated, Middle-of-the-funnel Activities

When a lead either product-qualifies himself by doing some activity in Klenty or enquires via email/chat or schedules a demo, the deal moves to the middle of the sales funnel.

At this stage, the leads require some personalized attention – like answering their specific queries, sending them relevant product training emails, etc.

It is difficult to constantly toggle back-forth between a CRM and your email automation tool to get this done – and Klenty understands this.

And that is where Klenty’s in-app extension helps the sales reps immensely. They can communicate and engage with the prospects without leaving Pipedrive CRM.

semi-automated feature

They manually select this set of prospects to be personally attended to, remove them from the existing cadence and add them to a different cadence – all of this from within Pipedrive.

This saves our sales reps a lot of time and effort as they no longer switch between multiple tools.

c. Fully-personalized, Bottom-of-the-funnel Activities

In the final stages of the funnel, when we’re dealing with highly engaged/hot leads – like negotiating the deal, reaching terms on start-dates, etc – our sales team is mostly engaged in one-on-one conversations with the leads.

In this stage, we use the Chrome plugin of Klenty to send personalized emails via Gmail to take the lead to closure.

Image of Live feed Klenty's dashboard

A history of all these emails sent via Gmail to the lead along with their engagement data is automatically synced back in Pipedrive at regular intervals – this gives the salesperson additional intelligence on the likelihood of the lead turning into a customer.

Image of profiles in Klenty's dashboard


At Klenty, we don’t want our sales team to spend their valuable time in manual, repetitive tasks that can easily be automated.

Rather, we want them to spend their time in real – and important parts of their work – like building relationships, finding solutions, negotiating terms and closing deals. Klenty-Pipedrive integration is built to achieve exactly that.

The Klenty + Pipedrive integration helps our sales team save hours every day, allowing them to focus more on closing more deals.

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