How to Send Personalized Text Messages at Scale to Cold Prospects?

”Pick up the phone and make a call to book more meetings.”

While calling is an important channel in any sales outreach, it can be a very trying task; especially when your prospects don’t pick up your calls.

There may be various reasons why your prospects don’t answer calls – maybe they’re busy, or maybe they don’t pick up calls from unknown numbers. In this situation, you can leave a voicemail at best, but the chances of your prospects responding are slim.

At the same time, ignoring these prospects and moving on to the next is not an option either. If you don’t want to miss out on a potential connection, you need to try everything that you can before you have to give up.

So, when your calls go unanswered and your voicemails go unheard, you need to find a way to be seen.

Enter Text Messaging. The average smartphone user reaches for their phone at least 2,000 times a day. So, even if your prospects don’t respond to your calls or voicemails, the possibility of them viewing your messages is very high.

Benefits of Text Messaging

1. Hurdle-Free Communication

Using texts lets you escape the stress of dealing with voicemails or gatekeepers. Also, texts don’t go through rigid spam filters that may hinder deliverability. When you send a text, you can be sure that your prospect will receive your message.

2. Become a Multi-Channel Champion

Text messaging adds another channel to your outreach. You won’t just be sticking to emails or calls in your outreach anymore. Using text messaging, you’ll be taking the multi-channel route to success – increasing the chances of booking more meetings, leading you to crush your quotas.

3. Convey your Message Aptly

Using text messaging, you can personalize your messages, and keep them brief and to the point. You can also use appropriate emojis to make your messages seem warm and friendly, and drive more engagement.

Different Ways to Include Text Messaging in Your Outreach

Here are some ways to leverage text messaging in your outreach:

1. Follow-up After a Voicemail

If your prospect doesn’t answer your call, you can send a quick text with an introduction and a brief explanation of why you called.

2. Reminders Before a Meeting

Whenever a meeting is scheduled with a prospect, sending a reminder via text is recommended. You can schedule the reminder an hour prior to the meeting. This increases the odds of your prospects showing up, as well as reflects your mindfulness.

3. Information on Upcoming Updates/Events

When you organize an event or if there is any important update, you can notify your prospects using text messages. Sending information about upcoming updates or events via texts is a sure-fire way to stir interest in prospects, thereby increasing the chances of them showing up.

How to use Klenty’s Text Message to Increase Engagement Rates

With Klenty, you can use text messaging to your advantage in your cold outreach.

1. Personalize Texts

With Klenty’s text message, you’ll be able to easily personalize your messages. Insert any fields like first name, title, or company to reflect prospect information.

Klenty's feature to add any fields like first name, title, or company.

2. Batch and Execute

Klenty lets you “Approve” texts before sending them. You can do it in two ways:

  • Approve multiple texts at once
Approve feature before sending
  • Approve texts individually
individual improvisation feature of klenty

You’re also provided the option to edit the messages if needed.

option to edit the image


Text messaging is another important channel that you should leverage in your sales outreach. Not only is it one of the fastest ways to reach your prospect, but it is also far less intrusive. With text messaging, move one step closer to your prospects.

Channel the power of instant text messaging in your sales outreach. Start using Klenty today!

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