Klenty, Officially On The Leaderboard: Top 50 Sales Products of 2022

You, our customer, drove us to push our boundaries, put us on the winning track, and helped us build the sales product that has now won multiple awards across various sales categories on G2. 

These awards are the most reputed and trustworthy in the B2B space because there’s no better testimonial than what you – who’ve tried and tested these products – have to say.

This is delightful news to wake up to, and something that we wanted to share with the world. 

Here are the awards we won across the sales engagement, email tracking, and sales analytics categories for Winter 2022. 

  1. One of the Best Sales Products of 2022 
  2. High Performer 
  3. Best Support 
  4. Momentum Leader

Klenty – Top 50 Sales Products

Top 50 Sales Product - Klenty

What has always remained our #1 priority is our customers’ feedback and our mission of building software that helps salespeople succeed. Building software that our customers love to use is how we made it to the big leagues, and how we will go from here. We are now one of the top 50 sales products of 2022, per G2. But this is only day zero for us. What lies ahead? Getting to the top of that list. 

High Performer, Winter 2022

Klenty- High Performer, Winter 2022

This badge was given to the products in the High Performer quadrant who garnered high Customer Satisfaction scores, across different sales categories, in the small business segment. 

How Did We Get There?

We helped our customers to: 

  • Execute 252,836 Tasks 
  • Make 233,046 Calls
  • Send 41,678,023 Emails 
  • Get 15,606,106 Emails Opened
  • Receive 946,441 Responses 

Momentum Leader: 

Klenty Momentum Leader 2022

We were awarded the Momentum Leader badge, which means we were ranked in the top 25 percent of products listed in the Sales Engagement category in the Leader tier of the Momentum Grid.

How Did We Get There?

Our team’s focus has been and always will be on building the right features that help salespeople become more productive and enjoy a frictionless experience with the software. In the last quarter alone, we worked on and released up to 20 new features around Personalization (on Image and Video), Playbooks, Sales dialer, LinkedIn Plugin, CRM Integrations. 

Best Support, Winter 2022

Klenty - Best Support, Winter 2022

For the Best Support, we have been awarded 3 badges. One in the Small Business segment for the Sales Analytics Software category, one in the Mid-Market Segment for the Email Tracking Software category, and one across all segments for the Sales Analytics category. 

How Did We Get There?

Our support team: 

  • Opened 7,793 conversations in the last 6 months. 
  • Response time averaged 11 minutes and 43 seconds. 
  • Has a customer satisfaction rate of 94.2% 

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve got some words here from our happy customers. 

Customer reviews

Winding Up

So, what keeps us going?

Our vision is a world where every salesperson succeeds and finds meaning through that success. We are building software that helps salespeople build meaningful relationships with prospects and eliminates the friction that slows salespeople down, a software that makes success inevitable. That, and your constant feedback. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t express our immense gratitude to our customers, whose inputs continue to push us further every day. We thank you for the reviews, suggestions, opinions, and of course, well wishes.

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