25+ Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools to Boost Your Revenue

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Vegas?

Most of us will unwittingly shout ‘casinos’.

How about LinkedIn? What hits you first?

A recruiter’s paradise, perhaps?

A vast majority of us perceive LinkedIn as just a job portal or even a platform to showcase our skills, experience, and education. 

A commoner usually cannot associate LinkedIn with anything else.

However, that’s not the case with salespeople – For them, LinkedIn is a true prospecting goldmine!

As of 2022, LinkedIn has 850M+ professionals listed on LinkedIn – That’s nothing but 756 million leads for them to capture!

Sales teams are in love with LinkedIn because –

  1. Most businesses of the world (57 million to be precise) have pitched their tents in LinkedIn for various purposes, making it a sea of genuine and accurate information. 
  2. You get access to decision-makers and influencers of the world. According to LinkedIn, four out of five LinkedIn users drive business decisions at their organizations.
  3. LinkedIn throws all the necessary information at you through its plethora of handy features. For example, the ‘people also viewed sidebar’ helps expand your target audience beyond the ones you’re looking for. Similarly, endorsements and recommendations are pretty useful to identify potential leads for your businesses quickly.

A study shows that 89% of top-performing salespeople claim that by using LinkedIn as a sales tool, they are able to close more deals for their companies. It has indeed evolved into the #1 tool for sales prospecting. 

However, with great power comes great challenges. With millions of users and companies present in LinkedIn, prospecting and identifying leads becomes a classic case of finding a needle in the haystack. It gets laborious without the right set of tools to assist you.

This is where this post can help. It has listed down 26 of the top tools that work harmoniously with LinkedIn. Together, they automate most of your tasks in different stages of your sales prospecting journey. Read on…

Tools for Building List of Leads From LinkedIn

1. Linkport

Screenshot of Linkport's Landing page - One of the best Linkedin Prospecting tools.

Pricing – Free

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Download Here

Linkport easily takes the top spot on this list of LinkedIn prospecting tools primarily because it offers everything you need to start building a list of leads at no cost. It is your perfect ally to pull contacts from LinkedIn and push them to top CRMs like Zoho, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce. The best part is there is absolutely no limit on the number of contacts you can import every day!

Hero Features – It is one of the few sales prospecting tools that automatically detects and removes duplicates eliminating the need to hunt them down in your CRM

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Screenshot of LinkedIn Sales Navigator's Landing page

Pricing –  The basic plan starts at $99.99

Prospecting Chrome Extension  – Not available

This is a sales prospecting tool that you cannot ignore when you are discussing LinkedIn. Think of Sales Navigator as a premium and more advanced version of LinkedIn and with a lot more features at your disposal. It offers a brilliant search experience letting you come up with a list of the most relevant leads that you can target for your business. 

Hero Feature: It comes up with customized suggestions to help discover the right people at your target companies.

3. Seamless.AI

Screenshot of Seamless.ai's landing page - One of the tools to build a list of leads from Linkedin

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $147 for a single user

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

This is a handy sales prospecting tool to build quick relationships with leads, thanks to its myriad of features powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology. To find your leads, all you have to do is define your ideal lead persona based on your preferred role, title, company, etc. It can connect seamlessly with all LinkedIn products viz. LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to manage your prospecting better.

Hero Feature – It keeps the contact details updated so that you access the latest information every time. 

4. Leadberry

Screenshot of Leadberry's Landing page

Pricing – The lowest plan starts at $24 per month

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Not Available

The last list-building tool on this list, Leadberry lets you identify companies that visited your websites and enriches your list with accurate information. The best part is Leadberry also comes with an inbuilt LinkedIn integration that instantly displays the LinkedIn page of the visiting company. You will not only receive connections from within the organization of the lead but also from their 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.

Hero Feature – One of the popular features of this sales prospecting tool is its sophisticated filtering system that shows only relevant companies to build your list. All the spammers are intelligently filtered out, reducing your efforts drastically.

5. LeadFuze

Screenshot of Leadfuze's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $132.30 per month

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Not Available

LeadFuze is another customer’s favorite that lets you perform hyper-search for potential leads in LinkedIn. With LeadFuze, you no longer have to visit LinkedIn profiles one by one as it lets you come up with a list of leads fitting specific industries and roles. The entire process is automated, letting your sales reps focus on closing deals rather than on not-so-critical chores.

Hero Feature – This is one of the few LinkedIn prospecting tools where you can filter leads based on their Adwords spend, software usage, and hiring patterns.

Tools To Find Emails of LinkedIn Leads

6. Findthatlead

Screenshot of Findthatlead's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $49 per month

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

Findthatlead comes with a full suite of tools to help your sales team kickstart a full-blown outbound email campaign. It takes out the guesswork involved in bounced emails thanks to its in-house algorithm that verifies emails in real-time. You can also use FindthatLead to build targeted campaigns to convert your lead to a prospect. You get all the tools necessary for this, including a robust analytics engine at your disposal.

Hero Feature – In Findthatlead, you get a handy recent searches tab that lets you search for leads that you checked out any time in the past. This is not a prevalent feature in most of the LinkedIn prospecting tools.

7. Prospector from Adapt.io

Screenshot of Prospector's Landing page

Pricing – Contact for pricing

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Available but involves downloading a zip file, unpacking it, and then installing it on Google Chrome in developer mode. Know more.

Prospector is one of the two products of Adapt.io that works on both LinkedIn and target websites. Like most other LinkedIn prospecting tools in this list, Adapt.io also comes with features like CSV export, CRM sync, find emails in bulk, and so on. Whenever you check your lead’s LinkedIn profile, Prospector will enrich it with email, phone number, and other firmographic data. 

Hero Feature – An exciting feature of this sales prospecting tool is that you can classify a lead as an influencer or decision-maker and target them accordingly.

8. Rocketreach

Screenshot of RocketReach's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $53 a month

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

Rocketreach let’s you find emails not only from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator but also from a simple Google search, Crunchbase, and AngelList. All you have to do is visit the corresponding profile page after installing the Rocketreach extension. This sales prospecting tool empowers your team to reach the lead on time, fully enriched with company data and statistics to come up with a hyper-personalized outreach.

Hero Feature – Rocketreach also comes up with the personal email of the lead opening up multiple channels for your communication. 

9. LeadGibbon

Screenshot of LeadGibbon's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $49 per month

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

LeadGibbon is another sales prospecting tool that works in perfect sync with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Upon visiting any profile in Sales Navigator, you can get the email address of that profile in a single click. You can even find email addresses in bulk by exporting a CSV file from the LeadGibbon dashboard. All the addresses are verified, and they don’t charge you for unverified emails. 

Hero Feature – The email verification feature of LeadGibbon is quite intuitive as it validates by pinging the server of the lead’s company for correct response. This is a fool-proof method to ensure that all the email addresses are valid.

10. AeroLeads

Screenshot of Aeroleads Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $49 per month

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Available

AeroLeads is a popular sales prospecting tool that fully automates most of your lead generation tasks. Once you have successfully signed up with AeroLeads, just install the chrome plugin to start pulling the email addresses of any LinkedIn profile you visit. You can also export the data to popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, FreshSales.

Hero Feature – You can find as many as 15 data points, such as name, location, job title, etc., of a lead through AeroLeads.

11. SignalHire

Screenshot of SignalHire's Landing page

Pricing – The lowest plan starts at $39 a month, with a free plan also available

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

This is one of those few LinkedIn prospecting tools that is also used by recruiters for their daily operations. In both cases, its primary purpose is to find verified email addresses of the target audience. The flexibility offered by this tool really stands out as you can find details not just from LinkedIn but also from Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and MeetUp. It lets you find the email addresses of 1000 users at a time.

Hero Feature – You can find details of even those who haven’t added a lot of data on LinkedIn. This is done through keywords in files and comments.

12. Skrapp

Screenshot of Skrapp's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $39

Prospecting Chrome Extension: Available

Another go-to tool if you are planning to use LinkedIn as a sales tool. The chrome extension lets you visit a lead’s profile and retrieve the email they used to sign up. The best part is all the emails are verified, ensuring that your outreach is never impacted by unwanted bounces.

Hero Feature: This useful sales prospecting tool lets you save your lead details directly into a list, thus also playing the role of a list-building tool.

13. Snov.io

Screenshot of Snov's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $33 per month

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

Snov.io is a powerful tool when used in tandem with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Once you obtain a list of relevant leads through Sales Navigator’s advanced search feature, use Snov.io’s chrome extension to find their email addresses in a single click. Alternatively, you can find the email addresses of an individual from LinkedIn’s company page, search page, or his/her profile page. 

Hero Feature – If you have a list of URLs of LinkedIn profiles, then you can get their emails through its Social URL Search feature.

14. Interseller

Screenshot of Interseller's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $100 per month

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

Interseller makes sales prospecting a child’s play through its custom extension. All you have to do is visit your lead’s profile in LinkedIn and click on the chrome extension to see the name and email address of that lead. 

Hero Feature – You can add a lead to an Interseller email sequence in a single click to get in touch with them instantly.

15. Nymeria

Screenshot of Nymeria's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $39 per month

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

Apart from the handy chrome extension, this sales prospecting tool comes with a host of other benefits to make your whole email scraping process a breeze. For instance, it not only comes up with verified emails but also checks for email deliverability through its in-house email verifier tool. You can easily create lead lists and export them for fusing with your regular workflows.

Hero Feature – You can add unlimited team members to share your workload

16. Orbitly

Screenshot of Orbitly's Landing page

Pricing – First lookup is free. After that, it is 15 cents per 100 credits.

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Not Available

Orbitly claims as long as you have someone’s LinkedIn profile, you can most of the other data required to enrich the lead’s account. This is one of those LinkedIn prospecting tools, where you can not only finds emails but also other social media profiles and phone numbers to reach out to the lead in a personalized way. You have the option to look it up individually or in bulk. Once you have the necessary data, you can even use Orbitly’s mail merge feature to send emails to all these contacts. 

Hero Feature – It comes with a unique API feature that lets your programmatically enrich lead data. Through this, you can put the entire data management on autopilot.

Tools To Qualify Leads From LinkedIn

17. Klenty

Screenshot of Klenty's Landing page - the best tool to qualify leads

Pricing – Plans start at $50 per month

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Not available

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that has been carefully designed to automate processes related to engagement and outreach with your prospects. Klenty’s LinkedIn plugin helps to group all your LinkedIn tasks such as connect requests, InMails, and profile view tasks to help you perform all of them in one click. 

Hero Feature – Klenty syncs all your LinkedIn conversations to your CRM so that you have a trail of all your previous chats with prospects in 1 place. This is not a commonly found feature in any of the LinkedIn prospecting tools.

18. Crystal

Screenshot of Crystal's Landing page

Pricing – Contact for pricing

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

Crystal is the software platform for implementing, reinforcing, and scaling adaptive sales practices. We enable sales teams by revealing any prospect’s natural personality using the well-validated personality framework, DISC. Once a prospect’s personality is determined, our platform shares unique tips for how to best communicate with the prospect across sales stages.

Hero FeatureUsing the collected data points, Crystal can put your lead into one of the 16 communicative types and help you prepare your talk track accordingly.

19. Datanyze

Screenshot of Datanyze's Landing page

Pricing – The pro plan is priced at $39 when billed annually.

Prospecting Chrome Extension Available

Datanyze helps to qualify your leads and converts them into prospects by curating data from LinkedIn and other social media feeds, local news publications, and more. You can capture different details such as email addresses, direct dial, and mobile numbers directly from LinkedIn profiles when you visit them. 

Hero Feature – Apart from Datanyze, you cannot find many LinkedIn prospecting tools with a credit feature. Through this intelligent feature, the admin can allocate credits between different users in the organization who can then use them to analyze profiles. 

20. BuiltWith

Screenshot of BuiltWith's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $295

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

It is a sales intelligence tool that identifies the different technologies used by a website/company. BuiltWith is probably the only tool in this long list of LinkedIn prospecting tools without any direct association with LinkedIn. However, it uses various LinkedIn data to offer you smart insights to help in your qualifying process. For example, BuiltWith can come up with a list of websites that use LinkedIn ads, helping in your sales prospecting process.

Hero Feature – It also comes up with market share information and country-based analytics for all the technologies available, powering you for a better pitch.

21. Mention

Screenshot of Mention's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $29 per month

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Not Available

Mention is a popular social listening tool that lets you monitor the web and listen to your leads. It targets posts across LinkedIn and other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to uncover trends in conversations. You can also understand how your brand is being perceived by your target audience and filter and target those who have a positive outlook about your brand. 

Hero Feature – This sales prospecting tool has a really intelligent inbox that lets you save mentions and tag them as a priority, unread, archive or favorites – just like how your email works. This helps in better collaboration.

22. ReachOut by Zoominfo

Screenshot of Zoominfo's Landing page

Pricing – Contact for pricing

Prospecting Chrome ExtensionAvailable

Here is a popular sales prospecting tool from the house of Zoominfo that serves as your perfect lead qualification ally when you need help. Through its chrome extension, you get access to any lead data whenever you prospect through LinkedIn. You can even dig deeper into the company with the help of an expanded view.

Hero Feature – Probably the best feature of this tool is that you can push lists of records directly into your CRM without exiting the page.

Tools To Engage With Prospects

23. Zopto

Screenshot of Zopto's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $215

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Not available

This is a cloud-based outreach automation tool that works splendidly with LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It comes with free InMail messages and doesn’t utilize your existing paid InMails to communicate with the leads. You can schedule unlimited campaigns and stop them whenever you want to take a pause in this sales prospecting tool.

Hero Feature – Zopto comes with a wide array of free templates to run your campaign instantly when you sign up with them.

24. Dux-Soup

Screenshot of DUX-SOUP's Landing page

Pricing – The pro version starts at $11.25 per month

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Available

Dux-Soup works great for those who are short of time for sales prospecting. It automatically engages the prospects on your behalf by endorsing their skills, sending personalized connection requests, and even delayed personalized direct messages. Despite automating most of the engagement, it still offers you complete control and visibility on the prospects it is engaging with. 

Hero Feature – One of the standout features of Dux-Soup is the auto-visiting of LinkedIn profiles based on your searches. This leads to the prospect visiting your profile back and possibly connect later.

25. Expandi

Screenshot of Expandi.io's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $99 per month

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Not Available

Expandi is one of the well-known LinkedIn prospecting tools that enables you to connect with your leads securely. It lets you create campaigns along with follow-ups that are hyper-personalized based on the prospect. This sales prospecting tool comes with a handy analytics feature that enables you to gain key insights along with typical campaign metrics.

Hero Feature – The auto-warm-up feature is quite unique in Expandi, where your daily campaign limits are automatically increased slowly to mimic human behavior. 

 26. LinkedIn Helper

Screenshot of LinkedIn Helper's Landing page

Pricing – Basic plan starts at $15 per month

Prospecting Chrome Extension – Not Available

As the name suggests, this is a tool that helps people who use LinkedIn. The new and revamped LinkedIn Helper (Version 2) automates most of your sales prospecting tasks through its convenient features like profile auto followers, InMails to 2nd and 3rd level contacts, inviting first-level connections to join a LinkedIn group, LinkedIn event, or webinar.

Hero Feature – The autoresponder feature of LinkedIn Helper is usually loved by most of its users and lets them send follow-up messages to recently added connections and skip those who already replied. 

Bottom Line

LinkedIn as a sales tool has found widespread acceptance in organizations across the globe. After all, it is an ocean of information about people who can be your potential customers. However, using just LinkedIn for your sales prospecting needs is like driving a car without wheels. Despite stepping on the gas till the end, you cannot move an inch forward. The LinkedIn prospecting tools discussed in this post are those wheels. They will work synchronously with LinkedIn to help you move forward and accelerate your sales prospecting journey.



  1. DianaGibbs

    This article has enriched my understanding of marketing automation. I suppose it would be nice to add that LinkedIn automation is all rage these days — and all for good reason. When used the right way, these tools can bring you hundreds of potential leads that too in a very short time. Just pick a LinkedIn automation tool, set up and run a campaign, and then leads would start falling into your lap.

    • Very well said Diana, Using the right tools can have a huge potential to bring in leads and automating helps the sales journey be more effective.