How to Pump Up Your Sales Team When Working Remotely

We’re sure you’ve read a myriad of articles regarding the transition to working from home and depending on the author the stance on WFH was either extremely positive or mostly negative. With the research being split in the same way, we won’t try to sway your mind in a certain direction. However, we’re sure you’ll agree that you have to take a different approach to motivating your employees.

In order to help you, we gathered 5 different ways you can pump up your sales team while working remotely with versatile examples.

5 Ways To Manage Your Sales Team Remotely

a) Don’t drown them in non-sales work

Getting sidetracked while working in an office is almost unavoidable, with employees taking on more responsibilities like office management and such. When shifting to a work-from-home model, such responsibilities can double and the lines between different job titles can get blurred.

To overcome this, you should set clear goals and expectations, and help your sales team focus on 3 things – protecting and growing the deal size, shortening the sales cycle time, and increasing close rates. Everything else should be delegated to other teams within the company.

When you cut out all the non-sales work that accumulates over time, it gives your employees not only more time but more confidence in their performance, since you’ve removed a big hurdle that was in their way.

b) Invest in resources that everyone can use

Did your shift to working from home go smoothly? If everyone managed to bring their hardware home with them, there is still the looming question of software. Most companies work with storage providers like Google or Dropbox that allow employees to log in to a shared cloud and view and share data effortlessly.

If everyone has access to all the information they need from any type of device, it gives them the flexibility to work on their own accord and organize their work hours accordingly. Such flexibility was not possible in offices and therefore should be used to everyone’s advantage.

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Try implementing asynchronous communication which entails sending a message without expecting an immediate response. Leaving time for the other person to respond leads to higher quality communication. This type of communication can easily be implemented by switching to Slack and such productivity tools instead of opting for calling the person on the phone.

c) Encourage social interaction

How often do you hold team meetings? Seeing how while working in an office, you can have spontaneous meetings and brainstorm sessions, the question is – how to translate that into the online landscape?

Using communication tools like Slack and Skype takes up a different dimension when working from home, and seeing how people may organize their workdays differently, it is important to schedule meetings at a certain time every week.

These meetings shouldn’t focus solely on work but should be a chance for your team to catch up and build comradery. The way we achieve this at Better Proposals is with ice breakers at the beginning of every meeting. They set the tone and let us ease in the work portion.

d) Show your employees their impact

It’s important to realize that work holds different values to different people. While some are passionate about their profession, others view it as a means to get by, and in extreme situations, like a global pandemic, they can start using work as an unhealthy way to cope with their anxiety.

The best way to motivate employees across the board is by showing them their work has a purpose. Working in sales can often feel like you’re working exclusively with numbers and not people behind them. A great tip on how to show them their purpose is by creating in-house showcases.

These showcases are not about ROI and conversion rates but people behind the companies you work with. Show your employees how a mom-and-pop business grew with your help and how they’re helping their community. Show them how many people they got to hire because of the growth they experienced from working with you.

Seeing how sales teams are oriented towards prospects, it’s your job to show them clients’ satisfaction and the impact they have on small businesses. An additional tip is to reach out to your clients to write Yelp-like reviews about your team that you can use as icebreakers in team meetings.

We suggest having monthly meaningful discussions with your employees about their motivation levels and ask them what changes you can implement to help them stay motivated. With research showing that employees who feel their voice is heard are 4,6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work, all signs point to creating and sustaining healthy relationships with your team.

Another great way of empowering your employees is by letting them experiment. Give them the necessary freedom to find different angles, tools, and strategies with which they’ll have an easier time completing their tasks. If they have to get somebody’s approval every time they want to take their assignments in a different direction, they won’t feel as empowered.

e) Implement a recognition program

Creating a culture of recognition should be one of your top priorities. It is a sure way to retain top talent, boost engagement and encourage high performance. None of this should come as a shock to you, the only problem you may encounter is how to perform this virtually.

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Make sure to have honest conversations about your employees’ future with them. Where do you see them in a year, and what skills should they work on in order to thrive in their career. On the other hand, also make sure to ask them about things they would like to see changed in the company.

Other than that, you should select who is eligible for rewards or bonuses and determine how often they should be given. Create a structure in which team members nominate each other for such rewards and be transparent with the type of prize they’ll be receiving.

The best way to do so is with a company-wide email including a survey where employees get to vote on who they think deserves the reward. The body of the email should include the values your company holds in high regard and the description of the reward the chosen recipient will receive.

Did you get any great ideas from the article? If you’re looking for even more amazing articles on sales, we suggest checking out our blog which covers a wide variety of sales topics.

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  1. Learning how to manage a remote sales team remotely can be challenging, because you need to translate your company culture into a new realm. It is so important to find ways to encourage communication and collaboration between team members.

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