Introducing Intent Score – Prioritize Your Hottest Prospects

You’ve been lied to.

All your career, you’ve been told there’s only one way to engage with prospects, get replies and book meetings.

The supposed magic of ‘more’ –  more emails, more calls, more spam. Executing the same activities for every prospect and hoping it works. 

But it isn’t your fault. It’s what the ‘gooroos’ and ‘sales hackers’ have been telling you – call, email, and LinkedIn outreach into every single prospect multiple times as part of 17, 20, 30 – touch cadences. 

That is why you have the overwork that has become synonymous with sales. 

Numbers (and common sense) show this isn’t working.

You have to ask:

  • Why do reps execute hundreds of tasks – and still struggle to stay organized and make quota?
  • Why should sales outreach become an arms race to whoever executes the most activities?
  • Longer and longer cadences. Irritated prospects. Exhausted reps. Where is this going?

These are surface symptoms of a far deeper problem.

It’s dark down there. Grab your scuba gear, because we’re diving in.

No intent vision

First things first: Your prospects are all at different stages of buying intent.

Some prospects need a lot longer than others to reply and get on a call with you.

And then there’s the other group – the prospects that are in-market. They’re sending you intent signals all over the place. All they need are a few highly personalized touches, and they’ll give you a positive response. 

Only problem.

You have no way to read those signals. Much less act on them.

This ‘Intent Blindness’ is the biggest reason why reps execute the same set of activities for each prospect, paying equal attention to everyone just because the cadence says so.

It’s why your reps execute a mountain of activities to make a molehill of meetings booked. It’s why they’re desperately turning up the activity volume every day, not knowing where their next reply/meeting’s coming from. It’s why they’re overworked, burned out, and likely to punch you in the face at month’s end.

But what if there was a better way?

  • What if you could somehow KNOW which prospects are worth your attention right now? 
  • What if you could bridge the virtual distance between you and your prospect, peer into their minds, and get notified the instant they developed buying intent?
  • What if you could trade stressed-out for a strategy?

We built ‘Intent Score‘ to bring all those possibilities to life. 

Intent Score

Intent Score measures prospect intent, assigns a score to prospects based on intent, and tells you which prospects to prioritize today.

With Intent Score, you assign points to each prospect, every time they send an intent signal like

  • Opening an email
  • Clicking on a link in an email
  • Accepting a LinkedIn connect request
  • Visiting the website etc.

As soon as your prospects interact with your cadence, their intent is scored by a built-in calculator that looks like this – 

Product screenshot showing calculation steps of hot prospects
Klenty’s Hot prospect calculator

Intent score shows you which prospects are highly engaged, and therefore, closer to a response.

How Intent Score changes the game

Here’s the powerful bit – you make Intent Score work for your sales process.

Below the scores assigned for each activity, you set the threshold beyond which you consider the prospect as ‘likely to respond’.

As soon as the prospect hits the score needed, they are classified as ‘High-Intent’. You’ll instantly see a flaming fire icon next to the prospect, alerting you that it’s time to give them more priority.

To make sure only the recently active prospects get prioritized, Intent Score comes with a 15 day rolling period. As time lapses, the score decays so you never waste time on a prospect who has lost intent. 

What does Intent Score do for you?

Imagine this – You wake up. Head to work. 

With a fresh, steaming mug of coffee in hand, you log in. You find a list of your hottest prospects with the cool flaming icons next to their names. Waiting for you. 

Your whole day is sorted and organized – you know exactly who to call, who to personalize to & who to focus on. You achieve your outcomes with executing only the right activities. Not an ounce more.

Winning with a strategy

Intent Score makes prioritizing prospects effortless. In combination with Cadence Playbooks, it helps you perform relevant activities for every intent stage – high, medium and low. 

Interested in executing sales outreach with an intelligent strategy?

Book more meetings faster with Klenty – the Intent-Based Sales Engagement Platform.


  1. While you want to make sure you connect with all your prospects, some will be better than others. Prioritizing your prospects and your sales efforts is critical to working efficiently and using your resources wisely. It’s the foundation to successful lead nurturing and inside sales programs.


      Well said Chris! It is not just a concept on paper. We help (and witness) our clients implement this strategy and double/triple their meetings booked on a daily basis. If you’re interested, kindly check out our very own cadence playbooks.