2021 Roundup of Our ‘Aha’ Moments

“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

What Walt Disney said decades ago is brought alive every day through our work ethos.

We are constantly building features that make our customers go, ‘Aha!’. Keeping them excited, and helping them book more meetings is what keeps us going.

As the end of the most resilient year of the decade, 2021, draws near, we celebrate some of the most memorable ‘Aha!’ moments we built for our customers. Their continuous feedback, support, and love pushed us further than we’ve ever gone before. The result was a good number of high-impact product releases that we are proud of.

Major Product Releases of 2021:

1. Execute Intelligent Sales Outreach With Playbooks

The usual sales outreach process goes like this: Build a list of prospects, add them to a sales cadence and start executing various activities (emails, calls, LinkedIn, SMS, etc) in the cadence. 

But there’s a serious problem with the approach – sales reps are “blindly following up” with all the prospects using the same set of activities dictated by the cadence. 

The problem? You burn your prospect list faster. You book less meetings.

We wanted to help sales reps see where prospects are in their buying journey, automatically move prospects from one cadence to another based on intent, and execute precisely those activities which take each prospect towards a meeting. 

The solution? We built Cadence Playbooks.

Using Playbooks, sales reps could:

  1. Detect intent in the prospects. Reps could easily find the high, medium and low intent prospects.
  2. Prioritize and personalize based on intent. Sales reps could have personalized attention for high intent, automation for low-intent prospects.
  3. Execute the right activities for the right prospect resulting in a shorter sales cycle.

What our customers said about Playbooks:

“It’s crucial to have cadences for every stage of the prospect. Klenty’s Playbooks controls the triggers which make one cadence follow the next. If X is the prospect’s action, then I want them to receive this cadence. If Y is the prospect’s action, then I want them to receive another cadence. It’s like opening a dialogue with the customer in an automatic way.”

Patricia Temiño Alamillo,
Digital Business Lead, Customeer

“Deals booked by outbound process jumped by 175% because of intuitive cadences with Playbooks and a centralized strategy.”

Adam Weigner,
    President, Double the Donation

Read more about how Playbooks can help your sales team execute intelligent sales outreach and book 3X more meetings. 

2. Focus On the Hot Prospects With Intent Detector

Not all prospects are created equal.

When you are running sales campaigns to hundreds of prospects every day, not everyone is ready to book a meeting with you.

Because, they are all at different stages in their buyer journey – some have no intent, some medium intent and some high intent. It is important that you focus your efforts on the high intent prospects because you have a quota to meet. These prospects are ‘Hot’ because those are the ones who engaged most with your emails and are closest to booking a meeting with you.

Using the ‘Intent Detector’ feature, sales reps can define a threshold and allot points to prospects as they engage with your emails. Prospects that exceed the threshold will be highlighted as ‘Hot’. Now that you know which of your prospects are hot to strike, you can spend more time researching and personalizing your outreach to them.

Read more about the Intent Detector here.

3. Always be Calling not Dialling

One of our major goals for the year was to make our calling capabilities just as strong as our emailing capabilities. We made a number of improvements to the product that will make you a cold calling pro. 

  1. Call Outcomes – You can assign outcomes to calls you’ve placed through Klenty. Outcomes are seller-side outcomes like ‘Meeting scheduled’, ‘Contact later’, ‘Negative call’, etc. You can also create custom outcomes to fit your unique workflow. 
  1. Call Exports – All the data around the calls you place is stored within the app for your consideration. The feature allows you to download all of your data in a CSV file so you can break it down however you want. 
  1. Voicemails – We built our own inbound and outbound Voicemail feature so that our users never miss a prospect. Quickly send pre-recorded messages when you reach the prospects’ voicemail. Prospects, too, can leave you a voicemail when you’re unavailable.

 4. Personalization Is the Key To Success In Sales Outreach

We know that personalization is the holy grail of sales outreach. So, we took it up as a personal mission to help our customers ace their personalization game. In our pursuit, we released a couple of features that would help them stand a mile apart in this game. 

Here’s a snapshot:  

  1. Liquid Templates – We added our own spin to the popular Liquid Syntax feature, first introduced by Shopify. We built the ‘Liquid Templates’, which is a type of placeholder that lets you define a rule and its output. Using this feature, users can set conditions that allow them to dynamically change email messages with logical statements like, if it’s a Monday then say X; If it’s a weekend say Y. Read here to know more about this feature. 
  1. Personalized Videos – Videos are the future of personalization in sales outreach and we wanted our users to live it. We integrated with Hippo video making it easy for you to send videos in sales emails. Using the powers of this integration, users can embed a recorded video or send a personalized gif or static image as a thumbnail, etc in sales emails to get more clicks and response rates. Read more about the power of Klenty-Hippo video integration here.

5. CRM Plugins for Hubspot and Zoho

Hubspot and Zoho CRM users can now start experiencing the power of Klenty without leaving the CRM. We developed a chrome plugin for Zoho and Hubspot CRM. That means users can manage their email campaigns to their Zoho and Hubspot contacts within the CRM.

  1. Zoho CRM plugin – Using the plugin, you can push Zoho contacts directly to Klenty, manage contacts in a cadence & create one-off emails and tasks.
  1. Hubspot CRM plugin – Using the plugin, you can push Hubspot contacts directly to Klenty, manage contacts in a cadence & create one-off emails and tasks.

6. Accelerate LinkedIn Outreach Productivity

LinkedIn is the third biggest sales channel after email and calls. And we were not going to sleep on that. We built a new plugin that reduces users’ entire LinkedIn workload down to a single click for every prospect. Using the plugin, you can send personalized connection requests or in-mails/messages at scale with a single click for every prospect and save hours every week.

Learn more about how our LinkedIn plugin can 8x your sales team’s LinkedIn outreach productivity.

And that’s a wrap on all our major product updates for the year 2021. We look ahead to 2022, with hope, to build a more powerful software that will make salespeople fall in love with selling.

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