Product Updates – 2022 Roundup

2022 has been a tremendous year for Klenty. We took huge strides in improving the product to help sales teams book more meetings.

We built over 50+ new features and expanded our vision of building a world-class sales engagement product that will make salespeople fall in love with selling.

Our customers showered their love on G2 by giving us great reviews and we were awarded
the ‘Top 50 Sales Products in 2022’ and a range of other badges.

Here Are All the Major Product Updates of 2022.


1. Image Personalization

If you want to grab your prospects’ attention and get them to reply, you must win the arms race for personalization. Your emails need to evolve beyond plain text. The solution is to start using images.

Why images? Humans are visual creatures – so using images in emails creates a more memorable impact and conveys the message in a unique and personalized way. They also add personality to your emails.

That’s why we built the ‘Image Personalization’ feature that will help you automate the process of personalizing images at scale in your sales email campaigns.

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2. Video Personalization

In today’s world where getting prospects’ attention is next to impossible, a good video can make heads turn.

Videos create a more human and personal touch and that’s exactly why more and more salespeople are starting to use videos in sales emails – like embedding a recorded video or using a personalized gif, etc., and this strategy is reaping higher clicks and replies.

Klenty has built an integration with Hippo Video. Using Klenty and Hippo Video integration, you will be able to record your videos in a single click and upload them to your emails and personalize them at scale.

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1. LinkedIn Executor

LinkedIn is a great channel to reach out to prospects and engage with them.

9 out of 10 employees of any company have a presence on the channel, so it is a good platform to reach professionals. LinkedIn allows salespeople to connect with prospects in both a social and professional setting, leveraging features like InMails and messages.

We built the LinkedIn Executor feature that will automate the process of LinkedIn outreach. Sales reps can now execute LinkedIn tasks in 30 mins, which would otherwise take 2-3 hours every day.

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2. Text Messaging

The average smartphone user reaches for their phone at least 2,000 times a day, which means that the possibility of getting noticed is higher if salespeople use text messages to engage with prospects.

We have built a Text Messaging feature that will help salespeople to send personalized text messages at scale and increase engagement rates.

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3. Multi-channel Inbox

Sales communication channels have increased over the years.

But, as the number of channels keeps increasing, managing conversations across all of them becomes chaotic for salespeople. To stay on top of prospect communication, sales reps need to be present everywhere all at once – which is impossible.

That’s why we’ve built the Multi-channel Inbox – an inbox that collates all conversations across multiple channels in the same place, giving you a bird’s eye view of the entire team, and their communications and progress.

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Klenty's multi-channel inbox

4. Sales Dialer Feature Improvements

To improve the calling experience in Klenty, we have enhanced the functionality of the Sales Dialer feature. We have added the ‘Voicemail Drop’, which allows sales reps to pre-record personalized voicemails and send them with just one click. We released ‘Call Outcome’ which enables you to mark the outcome of the call as soon as the call is finished. We have also added the ‘Incoming Voicemail’ that will allow your prospects to leave you a voicemail to ask for some information.

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1. Goals

For sales teams running multi-channel sequences to book meetings, managers need to clearly define the controllable input metrics for each rep so that they can hit their output metric – the number of meetings booked.

Sales reps need to have a transparent idea about the input metrics they need to execute, which are sales engagement activities – like the number of prospects to contact, the number of emails to send, phone calls to make, and so on. The manager should be able to track the daily progress of these metrics and guide them to perform better.

We introduced ‘Goals’ to help managers set pre-defined input goals for all reps, measure the daily activity metrics and analyze the individual performance of the reps so that they can hit their monthly quota.

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2. Activity Center

Sales reps reach out to hundreds of prospects every day at scale using multiple channels, which means that they will have to execute hundreds of sales activities daily – like replying to emails and messages, making calls, LinkedIn activities, etc.

Reps either have to check different tools to know their daily activities or rely on the CRM if they are sending all the data to it. Either way, sales reps need a clearer way to view and prioritize executing their daily sales activities in a state of flow.

That’s why we built the ‘Activity Center’ feature. It is a single pane of glass that shows sales reps all the activities that they need to execute for the day. Sales reps can now get into a state of flow and execute activities without any confusion and book more meetings.


1. Account-Based Selling

For sales teams looking to reach out to multiple stakeholders in a company, Account-based selling is the strategy you need to adopt.

But executing, account-based selling is challenging because sales reps have to engage with multiple stakeholders within an account simultaneously with tailored messaging for individual roles instead a single individual prospect. Imagine the amount of work a single sales rep needs to do to execute personalized campaigns for hundreds of companies with different stakeholders in a company.

That’s why we built ‘Account-based Selling’ to help sales reps organize the accounts, execute personalized sales sequences with tailored messaging for different stakeholders and measure the performance of each and every account.

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Klenty's Account based selling


1. Email Shield – The Complete Deliverability Suite

The biggest challenge for sales reps running outreach campaigns is landing in prospects’ primary inboxes.

That’s why we launched ‘Email Shield’, which is a one-stop shop for all things deliverability. From a fully automated warm-up process to one-click validation and clear diagnostics on inbox health, this is the one tool you need to improve your deliverability.

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Klenty's email shield feature


SOC2 Certification

As a sales engagement platform, we handle a lot of sensitive information. From full names to email addresses to phone numbers, etc there is a lot of personal information that is stored by our customers. Since we also link with your CRMs, we also have access to whatever information that’s stored there, too.

That’s a lot of sensitive data and we had to make sure that it is kept safe. That’s why we got SOC 2 Type 2 certification as a part of our commitment to safeguarding customer data and honoring the trust placed in us.

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