30 Funny Memes All Salespeople Can Relate to in 2023


Prospects who ghost you, 

Leads who ask you for a discount at the late stages of a deal, 

When your sales quotas make no sense, 

We’ve all been in these frustrating situations. But when it happens on a daily basis, it leaves you questioning your resolve to spend all your day talking to them over and over.

Being a salesperson is tough. 

So, we put together some of the funniest memes we came across so you can share a laugh with your colleagues about the twitch-worthy situations we salespeople often find ourselves in. 

Of course, to christen this blog we call upon Stanley’s infamous resting face from ‘The Office’.

Stanley’s funny sales memes from ‘The Office

Source: Pinterest

30 Funniest Sales Memes, Take a look!

1. Your boss congratulates you for an upsell

Your boss is over the moon as they think that you have made an upsell to a prospect. Little do they know that you just agreed for some freebies to convert them. Oh, well!

Image of boss congratulating sales meme from office

Source: csmemes

2. The ‘I’ll call you back’ but the prospect never does

It’s never a great feeling when the prospect says, ‘I’ll call you back’. But this is something you end up hearing often. Most prospects never get back to you. It’s just a way for them to get out of the selling situation without being too confrontational. But you still have to wait. So, this is YOU.

Image of Pablo waiting meme

Source: meme-arsenal

3. When you’re desperate for leads

Some salespersons have the Midas touch. While others really don’t have the magic. And it is they who go every nook and corner to find good leads. Some hit the jackpot while the rest fall right into the trap!

Meme from the movie IT - When you’re desperate for leads

Source: tamcocorp

4. Your prospect answers after a long gap

Few prospects respond NO, fewer respond YES, but most remain mum for a long time. But when they do respond after the long wait, the relief on your face cannot be expressed by any means. The below expression could be the closest match.

Image of a sales meme when your prospect answers after a long gap

Source: TheDailySales

5. When your prospect agrees to pay the full price

Your journey to convert a prospect to a customer is filled with abundant surprises. One such pleasant surprise is when your prospects purchases the product without any negotiation. And when that happens, it’s time for some YOOHOO and YIPPEE!

Image of a sales meme when your prospect agrees to pay the full price

Reference – ampliz

6. When you achieve the sales quota for the month

In sales, if there’s one number that all salespersons obsess over, it has to be the quota. It’s the final destination for any salesperson (for the month of course). And the pride that one gets when they reach the summit is worth framing into a picture.

Wolf of wall street meme

Source: pinterest

7. When you ask for a vacation from your manager

Asking for a vacation from any manager in any field is asking for trouble. But in a high-pressure work environment like sales, asking for a vacation is like asking your manager to give up their job. 

Image of sales meme, When you ask for a vacation from manager

Source: pinterest

8. When your prospects buy from your competitors

There are times, when your prospects love your pitch, adore your product and dig your company. But in the end, they will end up buying the product from your competitor who lives right across the street. 

Sales meme when your prospects buy from your competitors

Source: salesplaybookb2b

9. When the prospect says they are not the decision-maker after 10 calls

Here’s a really short story – You spend all your energy convincing a prospect. You talk to them for months. One fine day you find out that prospect loves the product. Hurray! There is only one problem though – they don’t have the power to make the decision. WHAT??? End of story.

Image of a sales meme

Source: me.me

10. When the gatekeeper asks if the client is expecting your call

If there is one person who’s more powerful than your prospect, it’s got to be the person guarding them – the GATEKEEPERS. And when you reach them with no appointment, expect the question – is the client expecting your call. And that’s when you put on your ‘let’s confuse this person’ hat.

Sales meme about the receptionist(gatekeepers)

Source: TopEchelon/photos

11. How the top seller looks at you

In sales, there are only two types of people – top salespersons and the average Joes. If you fall under the second bucket, then be ready to get some pompous looks and take orders from the former(not very common thankfully).

Sales meme from office

Source:  memegenerator.net

12. How you look at others when you’re the top seller

Sometimes, the direction of the wind changes and you end up becoming the top seller of the month.  And that’s when you payback for all the nasty looks you got with your own SWAG like this.

Image of Top salesman meme

Source: memegenerator.net

13. When you think you know everything about sales after two weeks into training

Real-world sales cannot be learned, it can only be experienced. Many people learn this most important lesson of sales outside their sales training. Irony, isn’t it? And here’s you asking questions like these.

Image of a funny sale meme, when you think you know everything about sales after two weeks into training

Source: makeameme

14. When you are nearing month-end and your sales target is still pretty far

Confidence is when you are light years ahead of your monthly sales target, you have only a few days left, and you are still pumped up like this. Don’t even bother asking what happened after the month ended.

Image of a meme about the sales target

15. When you’re reaching out to a prospect who is super-cold

Talking to a prospect is tough. Selling to them is tougher. And when they are ice-cold like below, it’s the battle of Winterfell all over again. Brrr.

Image of a meme for cold leads

Source: salesplaybookb2b

16. Your first-ever cold call

We all have our ‘firsts’. The first house, first salary, first love. In between these beautiful and memorable moments, you also have your first cold call that stick like a sore thumb. And know how your day is gonna be.

meme for "your first ever cold call"

Source: www.youtube.com

17. When sales manager’s goals are sooooo unrealistic

Miracles do happen. But not in sales! Sales managers often have collosal dreams such as all their reps meeting their quotas. Sadly, they remain dreams month after month. Even turning water into wine or getting a dragon as a pet is easier.

Image of meme about the sales manager's unrealistic goals

Source: everstage

18. RevOps: Refereeing Internal Conflicts be like this

It doesn’t matter whether it is a 10 inch overlap or a 100 miles one, internal territory conflicts are unavoidable in sales . But having to sit through these conflicts as a mediator is something that the RevOps team never signed up for.

Image of a meme about the sales teams

Source: twitter

19. When you find out that you don’t have to update CRM manually

Updating CRM is a necessity in the world of sales. But 9 out of 10 salesperson do not update it. Reason – they have more important things to do like selling (so they say). And when you give them the good news that it can be automated, you know you’ve got some fanboys. 

Image of a sales meme about CRM

Source: ​​accent-technologies

20. When someone says sales is not stressful

Don’t bother answering. When you hear comments such as ‘sales is so easy,’ ‘sales is not at all stressful’, and ‘anybody can sell’, give them a demo. Bring them to your workplace and ask them to do some cold calls. Show what it means to be a salesperson.

memes about sales

Source: pinterest

21. Getting ready to be slammed during the sales demo

Incoming – Sales Demo! Keep some blood pressure pills ready. Prepare to face a barrage of questions, some of which can question the very existence of your product (sometimes even yours!). 

Image of a meme about the sales demo

Source: memegenerator.net

22. When your prospect asks the same question 10 times 

Some prospects genuinely do not understand your product. Some want to have fun. While the rest just want to annoy you to the core. And, NO, you are not deaf! And also you, with a face like this, who cannot end the call due to a remote possibility of sale.

Image of a sales meme when your prospect asks the same question 10 times 

Source: inspirationfeed

23. When you have to laugh at a really bad joke from a client

Another classic situation to fall in. The prospect has the fundamental right to crack bad jokes and you have the fundamental duty laugh no matter how lame it is. After all, the deal is more important than your merriment! 

Funny sales memes

Source pinterest

24. When your boss sets unrealistic targets

Somehow (and always), practicality and reality decide to play hide and seek whenever your manager sets goals for you. And BEWARE! The day is not far when your sales manager comes up with a number likes this to you – 

Image of meme about the boss setting unrealistic goals

Source: www.socialtalent.com

25. When the meeting runs really loooong

Remember your last sales meeting that should have ideally been just an email? Some of us would have even attended a two-hour strategy meeting just to decide the colour of the next sales brochure. Whatever be the end goal of such meetings, here’s how it ends for you.

Funny meme about the long sales meetings

Source: memegenerator.net

26. Your sales manager’s response when you don’t update the CRM

For a salesperson, anything that doesn’t directly impact selling is not considered their core responsibsility (#1 example – updating CRM). However, the rule holds true only till they meet their managers after ignoring it. SLAP!

Image of meme about CRM

27. How your sales managers feel when they are coaching reps who have no sales experience before

Coaching a sales rep with no sales experience is like an art that nobody understands. The managers have no clue where to start. The reps have no idea what’s happening. The leaders want to know when it’s gonna end. The end result – total chaos.

Meme about training a new hire

28. When the sales manager asks you about the pipeline for the month?

Sometimes, convincing your managers is tougher than convincing your prospects.  This is true especially when the manager asks about your monthly pipeline when it looks like this –  

Image of a meme when manager asks about the pipeline

Source: Unknown

29. When the sales manager asks you to do a cold call

Managers have the uncanny ability to make us do something that we hate. And cold calling holds the top position in any salesperson’s ‘I don’t like doing this’ list. When the two mix, you have no option other than going underground. 

Image of a sales meme when the sales manager asks you to do a cold call

30. When your prospect loves your pitch but not the product

Your pitch may be phenomenal. Your communication skills topnotch. And your words so convincing. Yet, all you get is some words of appreciation and a pat on the back.

Meme about When your prospect loves your pitch but not the product

Source: Unknown


And that’s a wrap. Hope these funny memes brought back awesome memories of what it’s really like to be a sales professional. Laugh your way to your next cold call with these funny sales memes. Just don’t show them to your manager. Or do. We’re not here to teach you. We just want you to have some fun!

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