30 Sales Podcasts Salespeople Shouldn’t Miss in 2022!

At Klenty, helping you improve your sales skills is our primary goal.

To help you learn from the big seismic ideas that shaped sales as an industry, we published the top 10 Sales books that you must read. To help you stay on top of new ideas and trends, we pointed in the direction of the top blogs that salespeople should follow. 

Beyond books and blogs, podcasts are an excellent source of inspiration and knowledge. You can listen to them a few minutes at a time, on the go, while in the gym, or during your commute. The breezy conversational style of most of these podcasts enables easy consumption and at the same time, contains nuggets of ideas that you can implement every day at work.

To paraphrase, Peter Drucker in Managing Oneself, some people learn by reading, and others by listening. If you are one of the “others” then here is a list of top sales podcasts that you must follow (in no particular order).

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Top 30 Sales Podcasts You Can Listen

Sales Enablement with Andy Paul

This sales podcast is hosted by Andy Paul, author of two best-selling sales books and a famous speaker. In the course of a series of conversations with leading personalities in sales and marketing leadership, the sales podcast gives you a peek into the minds of great sales organizations

The Sales Hacker Podcast

This podcast is produced by Sales Hacker, an online community for B2B sales professionals. Each episode is hosted by Sam Jacobs, who is the founder and CEO of Pavilion, an international community for business leaders. Featuring leading sales professionals and sales veterans, the episodes cover topics including sales development, sales enablement, sales management, sales process, and customer success. One of the best sales podcasts for beginners.

The Advanced Selling Podcast

This one is hosted by Bryan Neale, a veteran trainer and speaker and Bill Caskey, a sales development leader, author of Same Game New Rules. This is one of the longest-running sales training podcasts containing 400+ episodes dating back to 2008.

The format flips between expert interviews and answering questions from listeners and covers topics such as the right sales mindset, making cold calls, closing the sale, building long-term relationships with prospects and helping you build a stellar sales force that can succeed in the long-term. This sales podcast is ideal for entrepreneurs, sales managers, and reps who are looking to build a successful sales team

The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist podcast is hosted by Donald Kelly, a sales practitioner, and trainer. Donald’s passion, enthusiasm, and energy for sales are infectious and it is clearly reflected when he walks his listeners through his journey in sales.

In the podcast, Donald interviews some of the best sales, business, and marketing experts and makes them reveal strategies and techniques for improving sales, like how to sell to a CEO, how to break out of a sales slump, how to prospect on LinkedIn, and how to develop a winning sales attitude. This podcast is ideal for entrepreneurs and B2B salespeople, especially for starters in sales

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

This sales podcast is hosted by Nic Poulos of Bowery Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund that focuses mainly on helping companies with challenges related to sales. In this, the discussions between Nic and experts from the B2B sales industry mainly revolve around understanding the issues and pain points that the startups face in early revenue generation. This sales podcast is ideal for founders and sales VP’s of startups who are looking to build a great sales team and to strategize for long-term growth

Social Selling Podcast (Linking into Sales)

This podcast is hosted by sales and marketing specialists Greg Hyer, Martin Brossman, and Elyse Archer. Their discussions are primarily focused on how to discover social selling strategies that a company can apply to grow its revenues. Use this podcast to learn the ropes of social media channels such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

Hosted by Bryan Burns (author of The Maverick Selling Method), in this podcast Brian offers an analysis of emerging B2B sales strategies and processes. Brian discusses various topics like B2B marketing, SAAS, sales management, advanced selling skills, and various selling methods. If you are a sales manager looking to refine your team’s sales processes and methodologies, then this podcast is for you.

Make it happen Mondays

This Sales podcast is hosted by John Barrows, who is a  leading B2B sales trainer and founder of JBarrows Consulting. This podcast provides actionable sales tips to close more business and brings on industry leaders. Many of these tips are drawn from John Barrow’s experiences in the field

Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy podcast is one of the top sales podcasts for sales reps that explain how to open more doors and close bigger deals and also excel at commission checks. Jeb Blount -a bestselling author of People Buy You and an internationally recognized expert on sales, is the author of this podcast. He believes that Sales Professionals are the Elite Athletes of the Business World. Many of his shows last provide useful nuggets on objections, negotiation strategies

Sell or Die

This podcast is hosted by Gitomer and his fellow sales trainer and speaker Gluckow. This is a daily podcast with recurring features like ‘Monday Motivation’, Live QnA chats, and weekly ‘Best of’ Podcast. The authors discuss the art and science of selling with the top leaders in sales, business, marketing, and personal development.

The James Altucher Show

In this sales podcast, James Altucher interviews the world’s leading peak performers in every area of life. But instead of giving the typical success story, James digs deeper to find the “Choose Yourself” story.

B2B growth Show

The B2B Growth Show podcast focuses on issues that should interest sales leadership. Examples include team-building, establishing referral programs, creating buyer personas, and maintaining relevance in commoditized markets. It is considered one of the best B2B sales podcasts. 

The Sales Pipeline Radio

This podcast by Heinz focuses on coaching sales managers, improving quota assignment, sales effectiveness, and sales-marketing alignment. Heinz hails from both sales and marketing backgrounds.

Hey salespeople 

This podcast is presented by Jeremey Donovan, SalesLoft’s VP of sales strategy. He interviews all the great minds in modern sales to bring you immediately actionable advice. This sales podcast provides great practical tips for those who are passionate about sales.

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

This podcast hosted by Bowey Capital focuses on that: the role of the sales team in a start-up environment. Bowery capital helps early-stage businesses get their sales team, processes, and productivity in top shape, so it makes sense that their podcast does the same.

Coach the Sale

In this podcast, Matt interviews sales leaders and salespeople and discusses different skills, techniques, and practices required for good leadership, in a hyper-actionable format.

Women in Sales

This podcast is hosted by bestselling author, keynote speaker, and social media strategist Barb Giamanco. Barb aims to expose the stories of women in sales to other women because you can’t be what you can’t see. And it’s enlightening for men, too – anybody who manages a sales team should listen.

Duct Tape Marketing

This podcast has the host John Jantsch leverages his impressive personal connections to explore challenges such as writing your unique value proposition and localizing your appeal. Although this podcast has marketing” in the name, many of the episodes are fundamentally about getting somebody to make a purchase.

Entrepreneur on Fire – EOF

This podcast is hosted by entrepreneur and Iraq War veteran John Lee Dumas-“Best of iTunes” podcast. Entrepreneur on Fire’s format asks each accomplished entrepreneur guest to share their experiences, including their biggest failures. It makes for interesting and inspiring listening.

Get In the Door

In this Podcast, Host Steve Kloyda is known in sales circles as “The Prospecting Expert” and has been refining the sales engagement process for more than three decades. What makes his podcast so gripping is that he shares real personal stories about how to find potential clients and fill your pipeline with qualified leads. This podcast offers a ton of practical advice for any salesperson who finds it difficult to start and build new relationships.

Leveling Up Podcast

In this podcast, SingleGrain’s Eric Siu interviews marketers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs to reveal the strategies and tactics they use to hurdle obstacles and achieve their goals. This podcast now has hundreds of episodes from where you can learn more about a wide range of stuff from split testing, SEO, growth hacking, and the latest sales tools.

Predictable Prospecting

This sales podcast hosted by systems engineer-turned sales engagement expert Marylou Tyler, Predictable Prospecting explores challenges, issues, and smart solutions in lead generation, social selling, and pipeline management. Tyler invites industry leaders to share their experiences and practical advice on these topics and more.

Sales Tuners

Sales coach Jim Brown interviews outstanding sales leaders and performers to identify the habits, mindset, and tactics that separate achievement from mediocrity. This podcast helps u learn how successful people advance their careers, improve their performance and grow their businesses.

The Modern Selling

This podcast – Selling With Social is recorded with Sales, Marketing and Sales Operations Leaders in mind. Mario and his guests discuss and share information, sales tactics, and motivational thoughts to help the community to develop and implement sales strategies to grow the sales pipeline.

Social Triggers Insider

In this sales podcast, Social Trigger Insider, Derek Halpern interviews prominent thinkers, performers, and business personalities to deconstruct what it really takes to grow your sales revenue. This helps people Understand customers’ purchasing behavior and learn how to design and execute responsive marketing tactics.

The Art of Charm

This podcast helps us Discover the fascinating intersections of behavioral economics, cognitive psychology and social science and their impact on one’s career, business, and lifestyle. Producer/Host: AJ Harbinger.

The #AskGaryVee Show

This podcast has Serial entrepreneur, investor, public speaker and online influencer Gary Vaynerchuk shares his experiences, insight, and conversations with other thought leaders on growth marketing, entrepreneurship, branding, self-improvement, and social media.

Closing Bigger (Social Selling Podcast)

This podcast explains how to develop a full array of selling skills: from asking the right questions to using the best apps. Shane shares practical advice on every stage of the sales process, with a strong focus on psychology and relational dynamics.

Real Sales Talk

This podcast has top influencers and thought leaders share best practices, techniques, and strategies that drive optimal sales performance. Listen to their personal stories and get a clearer look into different issues and challenges sales professionals commonly encounter. Learn about new tools, frameworks, and resources that will help streamline your sales process and generate more revenue.

Sales Tip a Day

Chris Hamilton provides a perfect podcast for busy sales professionals who consider hour-long ones to be too much of a stretch. With episodes of less than 10 minutes each, Sales Tip a Day presents a nugget of actionable selling wisdom that you can readily execute to hone your workflow, generate leads, or close deals.

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