21 Must Have Slack Integrations For Sales Teams


With over 9 million weekly active users, Slack’s rise as a professional chat/communication platform has been nothing short of meteoric.

Slack is to professional communication what Facebook is to social communication.

Over 50,000 teams use Slack to coordinate by sharing information, organize internal team collaborations and get notified on various developments instantly.

It is pretty much the new digital water cooler destination for millennials in the workplace.

21 Best Slack Integrations for Sales Teams

One of the factors driving Slack’s ubiquity is the strength of its integrations.

Smart product developers have built integrations with Slack to give users access to information and notifications in the platform where they spend most of their time.

From ordering Dominos Pizzas for your co-workers to getting notified when a lead visits your website, you can now get a ton of value right inside your Slack app.

And if you are a sales professional, here are the top 20 applications that integrate with Slack to make your life more productive.


1. Salesforce

  • The Slack Integration for arguably the most powerful CRM platform is a must-have for every sales rep who uses Slack and Salesforce
  • Connecting Slack with Salesforce, you can view and share details about your accounts right there on your Slack Channel where your full team is working out of.
  • The integration helps bring the relevant account data from the CRM to your team on Slack avoiding the hassle of switching multiple windows and apps.

2. ProsperWorks

  • ProsperWorks is a CRM designed specifically for easy integration with Google/ Gmail.
  • You can track leads, monitor activity, and close deals, all from your Gmail Inbox.
  • Use the integration with Slack to select a channel where each type of notification about updates to leads or opportunities should be sent to.
    prosperworks slack integration

3. Insightly

  • Connecting Slack with Insightly’s CRM chatbot helps in finding records and performing actions.
  • It uses a natural language interface, so it understands colloquial statements such as, “find the contact for Jordan Ayew,” “add lead Troy Deeney,” or “remind me to call Shearer tomorrow at 7 PM.”
  • This assistant can find and add contacts, leads, and opportunities.You can also personalize notifications for every channel, and choose where they should appear.
    insightly slack integration

4. DealBot

  • Developed by Pipedrive, DealBot slack integration gets instant deal updates to your team on Slack.
  • Sending and receiving deal updates instantly, will improve coordination among the sale team and help close deals faster and better.
  • It keeps your whole team up-to-date without having to schedule time-consuming meetings and writing lengthy emails.
    dealbot slack integration


5. Klenty

  • A sales prospecting and acceleration platform that lets you scale your outreach while keeping things personal.
  • With Klenty’s Slack integration, you can get real-time notifications on when prospects are opening your emails, clicking your links, and when you get replies.
  • Use this along with Klenty’s website tracking feature, and you will get instantly notified when a prospect visits your website.
    klenty slack integration

6. Salesloft

  • This Slack integration helps in updating the team when something significant happens on the Salesloft platform.
  • The messages can be customized for your team.
    salesloft slack integration


7. Intercom

  • Intercom allows you to chat with your customers personally almost anywhere; inside your app, on your website, across social media, and through email too.
  • Integration with Slack makes sure that you’ll never miss a message from your customers. Through Intercom notifications, your team will be in sync and will be immediately notified when a new conversation starts, is assigned, closed and more.
    intercom slack integration

8. Drift

  • Drift is another messaging service which helps you talk to your customers and leads easily.
  • With personalized notifications upon integration with Slack, Drift ensures that your team is up-to-date on all conversations with customers and sends alerts when a new conversation starts.
  • But this integration is much more than notifications. Hit reply and chat with your customers directly from Slack.
    drift slack integration

9. Olark

  • A live chat software that lets you talk to visitors on your website.
  • Integrating Olark with Slack, you’ll be able to chat with your site visitors directly from your Slack channel where your team is present. This helps in easy collaboration with your team to provide better answers.
    olark slack integration


10. GrowthBot

  • Developed by HubSpot, GrowthBot is an intelligent Slack bot which helps you get answers, retrieve and manage data and get notifications directly to your team’s slack channel.
  • Connect with various systems such as HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot CRM, Google Analytics and other systems to get quick and convenient answers to your questions.
  • It supports a natural language interface so it understands standard statements.
  • GrowthBot has a wide array of features that can prove highly useful when researching on certain topics and trends.
    growthbot slack integration

11. Clari

  • ClariBot provides personalized sales insights for every rep, manager, and sales exec across the sales team.
  • Using machine learning, ClariBot develops a deep understanding of the needs of every member of the sales team and provides insights into each user’s Slack Channel based on what would be most helpful.
    claribot slack integration

12. Chargebee

  • As a salesperson, you want to track your prospects all the way until the cash register rings
  • Chargebee is a smart and comprehensive subscription billing solution that helps you do just that
  • Get notified about subscription and payments related events from Chargebee directly in Slack.
  • Using this integration, track new subscriptions, follow up on payments by selecting relevant notification preferences including when a subscription is created or canceled when a payment succeeds or fails.
    chargebee slack integration


13. ClearBit

  • ClearBit provides real-time feed on everything you need to know about your customers.
  • When a lead is captured on any of the forms on your website, Clearbit fills out a profile for that lead and streams that info over to your Slack channel, updating your sales team with a variety of public data pertaining to the new lead.
  • This data is gathered from hundreds of sources that can help your sales pitch be more personalized, efficient and well researched.
    clearbit slack integration

14. Madkudu

  • Madkudu is a sales intelligence app that notifies your sales teams of important events or when people engage with your sites or when a high potential customer signs up.
  • Through its Slack integration, Madkudu sends information directly to the respective Slack channel, keeping your team updated. This info helps teams decide what approach will work when connecting with the lead.
  • It also identifies patterns and predicts consumers who are most likely to make a purchase from you.
    madkudu slack integration


15. Illumineto

  • Illumineto is a document tracking tool that provides real-time sales insights on what your leads are doing with the content that you share with them. This helps the sales team to know how and when to approach your prospects.
  • Integrating Illumineto with Slack brings email, text and CRM updates about your prospect into the Slack channel for your sales team.
  • Illumineto delivers insights into what content your prospects find most engaging, helping you determine the right moves.
    Illumineto slack integration

16. HelloSign

  • HelloSign is a eSignature platform which keeps track of the documents and contracts sent to your customers.
  • Get real-time updates when your documents and contracts are signed, all within your team’s slack channel.
  • Get reminded of any outstanding requests from customers, so that they can be followed up.
  • And when an important deal closes, pin-up funny messages to your team so that you can celebrate.
    hellosign slack integration


17. Donewell

  • Donewell helps your sales team outperform targets by becoming data-driven directly, setting goals and tracking performance over time on Slack.
  • Gain insights by accessing different reports such as benchmark and funnels specifically designed for sales.
  • Compete in sales competitions based on any metric, e.g. meetings booked, calls made or deals won.
    donewell slack integration

18. Niles

  • Niles is a bot that organizes and compiles your team’s knowledge to help you answer FAQs directly from Slack.
  • By integrating Niles with Slack, you’re automatically creating a small sales wiki for your sales team.
  • It saves time for answering common questions, close deals faster, provides insights and guides and helps new recruits learn faster from the compiled data.
  • Plus, Niles cracks the best jokes! Some say that Niles’s sense of humor rivals that of TARS from Interstellar.
    noles slack integration


19. Chorus.ai

  • Chorus is a call analytics app for your Slack which automatically records, transcribes and analyzes meetings in real time.
  • Integrating Chorus with Slack makes sharing insights with your team faster and easier. Chorus messages on Slack automatically expand to show more details.
  • Daily updates and alerts can be set by the user.
    chorus slack integration

20. Kixie

  • Sales teams that want their call data to be stored should go for Kixie’s integration.
  • On integration, Kixie pushes call data into Slack after every call so that you have easy access to CRM data, deal data, and basic call stats.

21. Scrumie

  • Scrumie is a team management tool that gives a simple overview of the work done in your team.
  • With Slack integration, you can set your availability for the entire week, get the team overview, etc. effectively.

Just Slack It

It’s a problem of plenty if you are a salesperson who is looking to use Slack to get more done. With hundreds of applications integrating nicely with Slack, it is easy to get lost in the plethora of options. With this handy guide, you can be off to a quick start.

Which other slack integrations do you use every day? Let us know in the comments

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