Four Sales Lessons from Stranger Things Season 4

The Stranger Things franchise is a juggernaut pop culture phenomenon that has dominated Netflix viewership since launch. The 80s-themed sci-fi series has equal amounts of mystery, horror, intrigue and drama to launch it into the hearts of viewers worldwide.

But the greatest draw of this series are the characters portrayed by a cast of young, fresh, and budding talents. Season 4 is unique in the conflicts it presents to this lovable cast. And, in this penultimate season, the characters undergo deep — and excellently portrayed — arcs.

From Eleven feeling helpless to Erica learning how to be a team player, these arcs were well-received because of how natural they were, despite the supernatural setting. And, the more we watched, the more we realized that even Sales has some Stranger Things.

1. Hero to Zero to Hero again

From season one to season three, Eleven was incredibly powerful. She boasted telekinetic powers that saved the bacon of her friends on more than one occasion. But we start season 4 with Eleven having lost all of her powers. The reclusive girl also struggles socially, unable to fit into a new city and facing bullying at every turn.

Then, another curveball: her dearest friends are in danger, and she needs to save them. When faced with this, Eleven recovers her powers and saves the day in the end.

It’s a story we can all connect too — at various points of your career, there may be moments where you wish you could tap into the efficiency, passion, and determination you had in the past. Being in a slump is difficult. And then you’re faced with a huge challenge — a sale that needs to be closed properly — and you need your old self back again.

GIF of girl from 'Stranger Things' Series, showing her powers

Be like Eleven. Pull yourself out of your slump and push through for the sale. Remember the reason why you love the job, and let it reinvigorate yourself.
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2. Teamwork makes the dream work

Erica starts out her character arc by tormenting her brother Lucas for his so-called “nerdy” interests. Her feisty and honest nature appealed to the audience, even if her actions were not appreciated by the cast.

In season 4, she grew from belittling her brother and his friends to appreciating their interests. As the plot progressed and the stakes got even higher, she breaks through her hard outer shell to care for and support her brother in the end.

GIF showing teamwork

Much like Erica, salespeople have prickly exteriors on account of the job. It’s difficult to be a salesperson, and tensions often run high within a team. But remember that a tough sale cannot be closed by one person alone — an SDR needs to work with the AEs, Customer Success, and even the dev team closely to close every deal. Set aside your differences and come through together to close those big sales.
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3. Giving up is tough, but it’s important

Season 1 of Stranger Things opens with the disappearance of Will Byers, and follows the rescue of the young boy by his loved ones. He continued to be an important part of the plot as someone who had firsthand experienced the Upside Down.

By season 4, Will’s story is a tragic one. He’s grown up a lot from the boy who tried to cling to his childhood, but still struggles with his kind and giving nature. Will is so selfless that he gives more than he receives, as seen in his relationship with Mike. But by the end of the season, no matter how much it hurts him, he decides to let Mike go and move on with his life.

GIF from stranger things showing, grievance of giving up

As an SDR, you pursue a prospect zealously, being just as selfless as Will Byers in order to close the sale or move them along the pipeline. But you need to remember that sometimes, leaving the prospect behind is important for you to close other deals. Time spent on a prospect that isn’t interested in your product right now is time wasted for a prospect that is interested. So write that break-up email, and move on to greener pastures.
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4. Stick to it when times get tough

Now, we know we talked about character development in Stranger Things, but we cannot write about this show without talking about the show’s breakout character, Steve Harrington. This rough-around-the-edges, brash, but caring character was beloved by viewers worldwide.

And in season 4, he doesn’t change this aspect of himself. In fact, he becomes more protective of the children he cares about so deeply, especially with the threat of Vecna looming large. He doesn’t hesitate to charge bat-first into situations for them.

GIF of  Steve from stranger things, showing the attitude of sticking up

Like Steve, it’s not worth thinking too much about sending that mail to your prospect. You will be disturbing them, they will not appreciate getting the sales email, and they may never reply. But you need to do what needs to be done, and there’s no point overthinking all the details as long as your mail is crafted properly. Just do it, Steve!

And to make sure you do it well, check out these cold email templates.

Stranger Things is scheduled to end with the fifth season, where all the questions about the Upside Down will be answered once and for all. We can’t wait to see these lovable characters again in their final development arc, and learn about the mysteries in their whacky world.

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