Klenty connects with 1000+ apps with Zapier Integration

The average salesperson today uses at least half a dozen apps on a daily basis. A CRM to maintain a record of leads and opportunities, a conferencing/meeting tool like Zoom, a calendaring tool like Calendly, a sales communication and engagement tool like Klenty for outreach and follow up.. and this is just the beginning.

Additionally, this sales data flows into other ancillary tools including marketing automation tools like MailChimp or payment tools like Stripe.

One of the biggest challenges today is keeping all activities and data synced across the sales and marketing teams across the multiple apps in use.

Creating Automated Workflows with Zapier Integration

We at Klenty are focused on providing you with the best possible Sales Communication and Engagement tool that helps you reach out to leads and prospects and help you close more deals.

And providing a seamless integration with the dozens of tools that you use is a key ingredient in making your workflow as smooth as possible.

This is where Zapier comes in.

Zapier is a tool that helps in seamlessly integrating all these apps. It helps in creating automated workflows which enables you to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Using Zapier has many benefits:

  • You can connect with over 1000 apps, in just about every category
  • And, you can accomplish this without writing a single line of code

Zapier’s extremely easy to set up workflow builder allows you to get creative and completely eliminate repetitive tasks.

But first a quick overview of how Zapier Works,

Two different apps can be integrated or connected by a ‘Zap’. These are a combination of a Trigger and one or more Actions. To create a Zap, you’ll simply need to set the ‘Trigger’ event, and what ‘Action’ should happen as a result.

In the spirit of providing you with an easy and seamless way to move your data across the multiple apps you use on a daily basis, we’re happy to announce our integration with Zapier.

What does this mean for you?

Klenty – Zapier Integration

You can create and set up workflows between Klenty and your CRM or other apps to keep track of prospects and manage campaigns.

Here are a few indicative examples how you can use this integration:

Klenty to Salesforce Automation

Do you start and end your day inside of Salesforce? Then there is a good chance that you want to review all leads who complete an email sequence – but have not replied yet.

Just set up a Zap to automatically create a task in Salesforce once the prospect’s cadence is completed in Klenty.

Pipedrive Leads to Klenty

As prospects pass through various stages of your deal funnel, you may want to set up automated emails/follow-ups – based on their deal stage.

Here is a Zap template that can help you achieve this without lifting a finger. Just set up a Zap to automatically start a Klenty Cadence when prospects enter a certain deal stage in Pipedrive.

Autopilot to Klenty

Your marketing team nurtures leads on a Marketing Automation tool like Autopilot. Your Sales team, on the other hand, uses Klenty to initiate a sales conversation with the prospect.

But what happens when your prospect unsubscribes in an email sent via Autopilot (or any other email marketing software).You want an easy way to stop further sales emails to that prospect from Klenty.

Now you can achieve this with a simple Zap.

Auto Update from Google Sheets

Do you use Google Sheets to build your list of prospects? If so, wouldn’t it be awesome if everytime you update an email address in Google Sheets, the corresponding prospect in Klenty can be automatically updated?

Rather than having to export all the data manually, with this Google Sheets-Klenty integration, the Zap will automatically update the prospect in Klenty if the prospect’s information is changed in Google Sheets.

Apart from the templates we have created for you, you can play around with Zapier to create countless other Zaps between Klenty and other apps. Here are two examples.

Gravity Forms to Klenty

Once a prospect has signed up for your product/service, you’ll want to start an outreach sequence to get them onboard. Keeping track of prospects who sign up for the trial and starting on a cadence should be quick and immediate – a perfect use case for automation.

If you use Gravity Forms to create your sign up forms, a Zap can be created between Gravity Forms and Klenty to automatically start an onboarding cadence once someone has signed up.

Stripe to Klenty

Email Cadences can be great in making sure you follow up effectively. but you have to constantly be on your toes to stop them at the right time. For example, when a customer has decided to upgrade, it’s time to stop automated follow-ups.

Here’s Zapier to the rescue, again. You can create a Zap between Stripe and Klenty to automatically stop a cadence once Stripe confirms the customer has upgraded their plan.

Apart from the templates we have created for you, there are countless other ways to connect your favorite tools with Klenty.

Don’t see a way to connect an app that you use, just write to us at support@klenty.com or visit our support page.

Go here to get started with your Klenty account or sign up for our 14-day free trial.

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